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Neoenergia Coelba announces new underwater distribution line for Morro de São Paulo



        landscape image of Morro de São Paulo

Announcement takes place in the wake of another great delivery of the distributor - the realization of the 2nd stage of the work for underground electricity network on the island

With more than 50% of the work for the underground electricity grid completed, Neoenergia Coelba announces another structuring initiative in Morro de São Paulo. This year, the steps for the implementation of an underwater distribution line (LD) on the island begin. The new LD will have 4.5 kilometers of cables from the mainland to Morro, and will be accompanied by the delivery of a new transmission line and a power substation with 12.5 megavoltampère (MVA) of power – which will be in the region of Atracadouro Bom Jardim, in the municipality of Valença.

The new distribution line will provide Morro de São Paulo with greater reliability in the energy supply, which will have another option to meet the demand of more than 4,000 inhabitants and the entire tourist trade. With the operation of these new equipment, the island will have more safety and efficiency in the distribution of energy.

The announcement of this new work comes on the heels of other investments for an even more robust electrical system, such as the realization of the first stage of the work for underground electrical network. Early in more than a year, the work already has the second stage in progress. In total it will be 1.6 kilometers of network extension, with nine transformers of 500 kilo-voltamperes (KVA), which will provide greater robustness to the system and enhancement of the local landscape, which will no longer have wiring of the air network. So far, 28 poles, 11 transformers have been deactivated and benefited about 350 customers throughout the central area and Rua da Fonte Grande.

 In the last year, more works were also delivered in the region, such as the new feeder in Maraú, which directly serves the Village and the Transmission Line (LT) Santo Antônio de Jesus – Valença, with 69 Kilovoltamper (KV).

" Consistent investments in the modernization and expansion of the electric system in all regions of the state have contributed to ensure greater reliability in the supply of energy to Bahians. Morro de São Paulo is an example of Neoenergia Coelba's efforts to provide a modern, sustainable and safe energy," says Luiz Antonio Ciarlini, CEO of Neoenergia Coelba.  

Technology and Innovation

landscape image of Morro de São Paulo In addition to the underground stretch, the entire electrical system of the island has an automation technology that allows the control of electrical devices from the Integrated Operations Center (IOC) of the distributor in Salvador. Expanded in the last year, the self-healing technology – self-recomposition system, allows the resumption of power supply in an interrupted area with a maximum of 15 seconds, ensuring greater continuity of service. There are already more than five schemes installed and about 50 kilometers of automated electricity grid.  

Innovation and technology will also be present in the stages of the work for the underwater distribution line. The entire installation will be made from a ship, from where the cables will be launched, with the accompaniment of technical divers. In the duct placed in the sea will be used the tool "Air lift", which has the function of vacuuming the cable duct by compressed air, allowed insulation.

Festival Morro de São Paulo

Morro de São Paulo Festival picture Neoenergia Coelba's investments in Morro de São Paulo go beyond electrical structures. The distributor is the master sponsor of the Morro de São Paulo Festival, which returned in its sixth edition with three days of free shows to residents and tourists, on the first weekend of February, on the second beach of the island – in the municipality of Cairu. 

Through the Festival in Morro, Neoenergia promoted the development of the local creative economy, which had a prominent space in the concert program. As well as encouraging job creation, with the previous activities of assembly and provision of services to the public, focusing on the local workforce.

Our sustainability on the island

Neoenergia Coelba is committed to bringing an efficient and sustainable energy to Morro de São Paulo, so it has already replaced more than 200 LED luminaires on the island, with the prospect of making another 257 replacements this year. This will represent an estimated savings of 82 MWh/per year, enough to supply about 68 homes for 12 months.

The sustainability actions also extend to educational institutions.  The Joselina Santos do Nascimento And Hildécio Meireles College were benefited. The estimated generation of systems already installed is 209 MWh/year.

" The plants contribute directly to a better energy efficiency of the three educational institutions in Cairu, providing significant savings of resources, since the energy generated fully meets these units and generates a surplus that can provide energy to other buildings in the municipality. In addition to sustainability, there is a direct benefit to the comfort and well-being of students from these institutions, who now have an even safer and more efficient energy," concludes João Paulo Rodrigues, Director of Institutional Relations at Neoenergia.