Neoenergia voluntarily registers customers for energy bill exemption and over 240 thousand households have already benefited



Neoenergia voluntarily registered in April 246 thousand customers in Social Tariff program. This benefit is intended to the low-income population. Up to June 30, customers consuming up to 220kwh will Enjoy a 100% discount in energy consumption, as set forth in Provisional Measure 950/2020, enacted by the Federal Government as a result of coronavirus pandemic. The register was carried out by the company on a proactive basis, through consultation of the Single Register for Social Programs of the Federal Government (CadÚnico) and accounted for a 8.2% increase in the number of customers registered in the program. In total, there is approximately 2.9 million beneficiaries at the four concessionaries - Coelba (Bahia), Celpe (Pernambuco), Cosern (Rio Grande do Norte) and Elektro (interior de São Paulo e Mato Grosso do Sul).

The automatic exemption is performed by Neoenergia, by crossing information included in the agreements with CadÚnico data, periodically provided to the concessionaries by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel). According to Neoenergia's commercial processes superintendent, Leonardo Moura, if the CPF (Individual Taxpayers Register) of the energy bill is not the same as the household representative in the Federal Government register, the customer must require the inclusion in Social Tariff to access the program, and this can be made via Neoenergia's digital channels.

“In Bahia alone, 115 thousand customers were automatically registered in April. These are people enrolled in government's social programs, who had their right ensured with no need to seek our digital services, and this was an important action in this economic period and considering the social isolation needs", says Leonardo Moura. In Pernambuco, Celpe performed 75,853 enrollments and Cosern had 36,705 in Rio Grande do Norte. Elektro registered 18,472 consumers.

In addition to the proactive register in Social Tariff, the four concessionaries concluded 32,332 requests made by the customers, in platforms such Neoenergia's website and WhatsApp. The possibility of requesting exemption through Social Tariff via the message app was offered in April, in order to optimize the contact with these customers and speed the granting of the benefit.


The exemption of paying the energy bill is provided for in Provisional Measure 950/2020, enacted by the Federal Government. The new rule sets forth that customers registered in Social Tariff with monthly consumption of up to 220 kWh are entitled to the benefit. The 100% discount is valid for bills issued from April 1 to June 30.

Consumers must be enrolled in Cadastro Único and hold a NIS (Social Identification Number) in order to request their inclusion in the program. The monthly income shall be lower or equal to half minimum salary per family member. Indigenous and quilombola people are also included in the benefit, regulated by Law 12.212/2010.


Neoenergia's customers not yet registered in Social Tariff may request their register via the concessionaries' WhatsApp. They just have to inform the number of the agreement account with Neoenergia and their NIS. If the beneficiary is not the party shown in the agreement account, photos of CPF and ID card of the NIS holder shall also be sent via app. Data will be confirmed at the database of the Federal Government and then the term for registering in the program is five business days, and the benefit will be granted for the next bill.


Celpe: (81) 3217-6990

Coelba: (71) 3370-6350

Cosern: (84) 3215-6001

Elektro: (19) 2122-1696​






This initiative is part of theIberdrola group's response to the Coronav​írus​.​