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Neoenergia Brasília inaugurates new Integrated Operations Center



The Center, equipped with the most modern technologies, monitors the electric grid in real time, allowing the company to anticipate events and minimize impacts to the population


Continuing the innovation and modernization actions in the Federal District´s electric system, Neoenergia Brasília has just inaugurated a new Integrated Operations Center (IOC). With state-of-the-art infrastructure, equipment and technology, the center will monitor in real time what is happening throughout the grid, being able to anticipate eventual bottlenecks and even operate the system remotely with a high level of reliability, minimizing the impacts of power interruptions for the population. The IOC is operating in the company's new facilities, at ParkShopping Corporate, and is directly associated with investments in smart grids and system automation in the federal capital. 

The new center has a capacity three times larger than the previous one and operates uninterruptedly 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It has 24 monitoring positions of the electric system and two main screens that present in real time the situation of the power grid. Each of the workstations has six monitors that follow different indicators and variables. The information brought by the systems offer controllers countless possibilities for analysis, as well as alarms to support decision-making. 







Among the infrastructure innovations is a video wall display of a weather forecast system that helps the teams map the critical rainfall points, anticipating the decision-making process and allowing a more agile action in emergency situations. The system also makes it possible to monitor the number of teams needed to respond to each of the identified situations, increasing the company's management capacity.

Another new feature is the implementation of a system that associates individual complaint records to remotely identify the extent of a problem, facilitating decisions and reducing response time. "We have moved from a reactive model to proactive management. IOC gives us breadth of everything that is happening on the grid. The system allows us to anticipate the identification of problems and can direct us to the solution of the situation in a faster, assertive, safe and real-time way, guaranteeing a better management of the teams," explains Madson Melo, manager of the Neoenergia Brasilia Operations Center.

INVESTMENTSThe investment in smart grids, systems capable of identifying failure points in an automated way, allowing the teams to isolate the defects remotely, is one of Neoenergia's main bets to improve the service offered to the people of Brasília. Since the beginning of the concession, the company has invested more than R$ 70 million in the entire Federal District, with emphasis on the equipment that allows the electric grid to be operated remotely. 

So far, 160 new reclosers have been installed, which act in the faster reestablishment of energy in case of eventual occurrences. Fault sensors were also installed, equipment that helps, by means of the emission of a light signal, the field teams to identify a possible defect in the grid.  Twenty-five Self-Healing schemes were configured, a system that isolates a defect in the grid and promotes the automatic recomposition of service in most of the affected area, and also a Load Automatic Transfer scheme (LAT), in operation at the 08 Substation and that, through a series of automated sequential commands, reduces the de-energizing time of the substation in an eventual occurrence, and provides a quick reestablishment of power. 

The new technologies already applied in the Federal District's electric grids directly benefit more than 760 thousand people and, by the end of the year, the company will install another 450 pieces of equipment for smart grids.  "We have evolved a lot in these eight months of operations in the Federal District, making all the planned investments, and we are still working to improve the quality of service," says the Technical superintendent officer of Neoenergia Brasilia, Antônio Carlos Queiroz. 

Parallel to the investments in infrastructure and equipment, the company expanded the customer relationship channels, enabling more options to communicate any interruptions in supply. In addition to the 116-call center, consumers can report occurrences via the 'Neoenergia Brasília' Application, sending a message to WhatsApp (61) 3465-9318 or via the website www.neoenergiabrasilia.com.br. It is important to always inform the contract account number to facilitate the identification and provide more agility in answering the call.