Neoenergia bets on investments to move forward in quality of service and relationship with customers and employees of CEB-D, says CEO



Neoenergia’s CEO, Mario Ruiz-Tagle, emphasized on Tuesday (3.2) the company's strong commitment to improving the quality of the energy distribution service in the Federal District, as well as the relationship with customers and employees of  CEB Distribuição. The executive stressed, during the signing event of the agreement that took place this Tuesday (2), at the Buriti Palace (headquarters of FD Government), that Neoenergia has an “investment plan that will revamp and automate the network, which will ultimately result in new jobs, with the concentration of operational teams and goods and services, always prioritizing the hiring of local labor and also local suppliers”.

In 2021, the company will triple the investment as compared to the amount historically allocated per year by the company in Brasília. The proceeds will be mainly allocated to the expansion, automation, digitalization and revamping of the power grid.



Mario Ruiz-Tagle also highlighted that the improvements in the electrical system and, as a result, que quality of energy supply will bring positive impacts to attract new investments to the Federal District, especially the commercial and industrial sectors.

Neoenergia's CEO also praised the clear rules and predictability of the electricity sector, attributing these features to the role played by the Ministry of Mines and Energy and by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel), ensuring legal security and support for the Group to make the planned investments.