Neoenergia expands transmission substation to strengthen reliability in Salvador



Neoenergia has completed the works to expand Narandiba transmission substation, located in Salvador (BA). The company installed the project's fourth transformer, to reinforce the reliability and safety of consumers. The equipment reduces the power voltage from 230 kV to 69 kV and has power of 100 MVA. Over 180 thousand Coelba's customers (group's concessionaire in Bahia) were benefitted. 

“Narandiba substation expansion will benefit Coelba's consumers in Salvador metropolitan area, by strengthening reliability. The new transformer will enable to meet the capital's loads with even more safety", says Luís Alves, Neoenergia's Transmission Officer. 

The works on the substation were authorized by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel), through Resolution No. 7.485, dated November 27, 2018. The project is operating since 2011 and had three 230/69 kV transformers, with total installed power of 300 MVA. 

Narandiba features cutting-edge equipment and uses Gas Insulated Switchgears (GIS) technology, whereby a gas is used to provide the equipment insulation. Thus, the distance between them is reduced and, as a result, also the area required for installing the substation. 


Neoenergia also invests in the expansion and reinforcement of the reliability and safety of its distribution substations. This week, two projects were energized in Pernambuco,  Celpe's concession area and one more in Rio Grande do Norte, Cosern's operating area.  

Celpe has completed, in Recife, the expansion of Várzea Substation, benefiting approximately 110 thousand customers in the Metropolitan area. The distributor carried out a full refurbishment in the substation and finished energizing the unit's 13.8 kV sheltered bus this week. For a better operation of the project, all the 69 kV circuit breakers and switches were replaced, the metal structure of the 69 kV bus was refurbished and painted and a new command house was built to house the new 15kV bus, which has 10 feeders and 4 capacitor banks. 

In addition, the concessionaire energized the Serra Talhada II Substation, which will benefit the almost 90,000 inhabitants of the municipality in Pernambuco's hinterland. The project has capacity for up to five medium circuits, features two capacitor banks, in addition to a 69kV bus, which has hybrid technology (concentrating several pieces of equipment in one). The initial installed power is 20MVA, but with city's natural growth, it can reach 52.2MVA. Currently, Várzea and Serra Talhada II substations are the most modern in the State, with cutting-edge technology, protection, automation and safety, in a new concept that occupies less useful area and reduces visual impact. 

Jandaíra Electric Substation was also inaugurate in Mato Grande region. The project is served by a 69 kV transmission line, 45 km long, has four new feeders (medium voltage circuits) and one transformer with installed capacity of 10/12,5 MVA. The substation expands the energy supply to 50 thousand people in the cities of Jandaíra, Caiçara do Norte and João Câmara, strengthening the electric system of an important region for the state's economy in the areas of agribusiness, industry and services.