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Neoenergia warns about electric accidents risk in illegal constructions


The house construction or refurbishment may be the dream of many people. As urban centers grow disorderly, it is not rare to find works with many improper features, implying high risk for the population. In order to evidence that this is more common than many may think, Neoenergia selected some examples that showcase high risk of serious electric accidents. The popular Brazilian habit of building illegal construction expansion over the roof slab is even more dangerous when there is no safe distance from the electric network. Throughout the country, this is one of the main causes of accidents involving the electric network and a major concern for energy distributors.​​​

Harley Albuquerque, Neoenergia’s Health and Safety manager explains: “These cases show real situations, still common due to the disorderly growth in the cities. The records were made by our employees in the field, in charge of inspections and maintenance services at the distribution network. They handle, on their day-to-day routine, with situations of improper interventions in the electric network, many of them in illegal constructions. These cases are more frequent than you may think, so there is an ongoing work to warn the population on the risk of accidents caused by these practices. We bring information and raise awareness on prevention”.​

Thus, pay attention to Neoenergia’s guidelines, as forewarned is forearmed.​



Those who live in this house are not safe with the electric network so close to them! The danger is clear, this is a big risk!​

​Which are the risks?

High risk of electric shock, right? But this is not the only problem. With a so close and easy access to tagged wire, accidents can occur, and may lead to dead.​

Valfrido de Holanda, Neoenergia’s specialist in Health and Safety, explains: “For suffering an electric shock in this electric grid, the wire does not need to be touched, you just have to be close to it. The electric discharge in this situation would occur by electric induction and may also cause dramatic injuries to the human body, including fatalities”.​

You'd better stay out of this, right?​

What does Neoenergia recommend?

Any civil construction or refurbishment must be done, at least, 2.5 meters away from the pole wire. This is the basic and safe guideline to follow before starting any works. Such distance must be taken into account, mainly by professionals such as bricklayersand painters. They must not, in any case, approach the network, due to the high risk of electric accidents.​​

Have you seen any situation like this in your street? Remember that this is not a risk only for those living there, but also to everyone living in the neighborhoods. So, watch out!​




Everyone loves to refurbish our homes, right?​

​But, watch out: any construction and refurbishment must be carried out by a qualified professional!​







Which are the risks?

​When you look at this picture, you can see the problem: a high risk of accident caused by the scaffold assembly close to the electric network. Do you know that metals are an excellent energy conductor? Due to this, reinforce the attention when painting and carrying out refurbishments: iron bars, slats, plaster strip, rebar and other types of metallic materials can conduct electrical current from the network to the body. And then you can see what will happen, right? So, be careful, ok?​

Another valuable tip: some electric network wires may misleadingly be perceived as being isolated. Thus, to avoid accidents, never get close or touch any of these conductors. Any contact with the electric network may entail high-risk of electric shock and can be fatal.​

What does Neoenergia recommend?​

The most important action you must do when constructing or refurbishing any property is going to the City Hall and hire a qualified professional for registering the situation with the Regional Engineering and Agronomy Board (CREA) in the State. They will confirm if everything is compliant with the rules and if the works can be carried out safely.​


​What seems to be a pole placed inside the works is actually a house being built around the pole.​

What occurred in this situation is that the pole is placed in the so-called easement band. This name refers to the public stretch in which the distributor has the right to place poles and the electric network. Whoever builds on this easement band is breaking a law.​

Which are the risks?

Harley Albuquerque, Health and Safety manager, explains: “People must be aware of the risks involved when carrying out construction within the easement band of the electric network. The chance of electric shock is high, as during the works execution an accidental contact can happen or even a shock due to the proximity of the network.​Behaviors like these are capable of causing electric accidents and they can be fatal. Our duty is to inform the population on the risks caused by electricity.​

What does Neoenergia recommend?​

If any of our employees in the field notice a situation like that, he/she must provide guidance to stop the works, in order to avoid accidents. Can you imagine what can happen if you accidentally touch the wire while building the walls? This is just one of the risks.

“Our role is to provide guidance to the owner so that he/she can follow the safety rules, as this is our main concern. So, our actions are preventive while identifying situations of proximity to the electric network that represent risks for the population”, says Harley.​​


Pole, works and sidewalk, all together at the same place and with a public lighting lamp!​

Which are the risks?​

No construction can be built near the electric network. Care must be higher mainly for painters and bricklayers, as they are in high risk when carrying out finishing works in this facade.

What does Neoenergia recommend?​​

The first action is to stop the works until the pole is placed in other location. Currently, poles are placed at the edge of the sidewalk. This helps those who need to walk on the sidewalk and keep a safe distance from the building.

But this case is more complex, as explains the Health and Safety manager: “Even by removing the pole to the edge of the sidewalk, the building marquee would still be too close to the network. So, in some cases, the removal of the network to other location is analyzed, in order to ensure people safety”. Extreme care and attention must be given when it comes to electric energy and construction, as the risk of being too close to distribution network may cause accidents and fatalities.​