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Neoenergia opens registration for the Internship Program 2021 with new selection format



Neoenergia starts its Internship Program 2021 with a new selection model. To attract new talent throughout the year and to make the process more dynamic and faster, the vacancies will now be available during the year on the company´s Internship Job Portal.  This is a new feature that benefits both the company and the candidates. Recruiting becomes even more assertive, since the candidates can register their resumes for vacancies at Neoenergia, which operates in several Brazilian states and in the Federal District. 

Selection Process

The new process will have vacancies constantly, and recruitment will be focused on each one. Besides registering their resumes for vacancies, university students in various areas can create alerts for the desired areas, so that when there is a vacancy of interest the candidate will receive an email informing him/her of it. All stages will take place online.

To ensure equality and standardization in candidate evaluation, the company has created an interview guide that ensures approved candidates meet the behavioral requirements of cultural fit based on the company's values. One of this year's novelties is that all the selection processes will be carried out by Neoenergia's internal recruiters who will have access to all the resumes. In this way, in 2021, the student who enrolls in the Internship Program will be making his or her resume available to more than 20 recruiters spread throughout the country and with openings in several areas.

"The world is increasingly demanding agility, fluidity, and practicality, so we decided to create a new format for our Internship Program characterized by dynamism, in which the program is divided into a selection stage and a development stage, for those who are in the company with us. We understand the internship as the main entrance door into the company and, for this reason, we work on developing these talents, encouraging protagonism and creating internal opportunities, since they can be our future analysts, specialists and leaders", states Neoenergia's Organizational Development superintendent, Régia Barbosa.


One of the great differentials is that all Neoenergia interns participate in a Development Program exclusive to them with themes that contribute to their professional growth. The initiative was created in late 2020 and already has about 480 students participating, including the 250 hired in last year's Internship Program. In the Program, there is online training followed by practical challenges on themes aligned to competencies that are trends in the job market, including communication, strategic vision, agile methodologies, time management, and resilience. The interns also count on the guidance of tutors from the company's area where they work, also trained in mentoring techniques, leader coaching, feedbacks, and active listening. All theoretical content is available in exclusive portals for interns and tutors.

Through the Internship Program, students can develop themselves and seek opportunities to work at Neoenergia, which in 2020 completed 79% of its vacancies through internal opportunities. In addition, the stimulus to continuous learning is maintained throughout the professional career in the company, which has about 14 thousand own professionals, and carried out 790 thousand hours of training in 2020. More detailed information about the process is available on the company's website: Internship 2021.