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Neoenergia's wind and solar generation grows 70% in 2022


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In Renewable business, the company recorded a profit of R$ 314 million in the year, with an expressive performance of 1,156% compared to 2021

Neoenergia's investments in Renewables in 2022 boosted the company's increase in solar and wind generation by 70% compared to 2021, with a total of 3,934 GWh. Growth was also observed in the last quarter of the year with 41.46% over the same previous period, with 1,072GWh. Profit in the business segment was R$ 314 million in the year-to-date, representing a significant increase of 1,156% compared to 2021. EBITDA was R$ 948 million, an increase of 82% over last year.

The results were increased by the beginning of the commercial operation in Neoenergia Oitis, a wind complex between Piauí and Bahia; and in Neoenergia Luzia, the company's first solar park complex, located in Paraíba. The generation of these assets is added to that of Neoenergia Chafariz, a complex of wind farms in Paraíba, which has been in full operation since the end of 2021. The performance in Renováveis also contributed to the good performance in 2022 of Neoenergia, which recorded a profit of R$ 4.7 billion, 20% more than in 2021. 

"The positive results are a reflection of investments invested in renewable sources. In wind farms were R$ 1.2 billion of investments in 2022. It is worth remembering that we have entered the final phase of Oitis' assemblies. Investments in the Neoenergia Luzia solar complex were R$ 464 million in 2022. This shows that the company remains firm in the purpose of decarbonization and the development of new technologies", says the Executive Director of Renewables of Neoenergia, Laura Porto.

The wind matrix presented significant data in relation to the energy generated in 2022. There were 3,843 GWh produced throughout the year, with an increase of 66.15%. In relation to the fourth quarter, growth was 32.85%. Neoenergia Luzia also contributes to the expansion of the source generation with 91 GWh during the year, and 65 GWh in the fourth quarter.

Neoenergia's assets in operation and under construction total 44 wind farms, 2 solar parks, and 7 hydroelectric plants.

In wind, the operation already has 1,345 GW of installed capacity and the expectation is that this portfolio will reach 1.6 GW in the coming months, of which 51% will be allocated to the Regulated Contracting Environment (ACR) and 49% to the Free Contracting Environment (FTA), aligned with the positioning strategy in the liberalization of the Brazilian energy market.

Neoenergia Oitis will operate with an installed wind capacity of 566.5 MW. In all, there will be 103 turbines, with a unit capacity of 5.5 MW, one of the most modern and efficient models in the global market.

In solar generation, in the Complex of Neoenergia Luzia will be 149 MWp, with generating units scheduled for completion next month. All its energy is destined to the free market, and 100% is already sold by 2026.

The project has synergy with two other assets of the company in the region, Neoenergia Chafariz and the transmission line Neoenergia Santa Luzia – lot 6 of the auction held by the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) in December 2017.