Climate Change

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​​​​​​​​Our commitment to climate change

The electricity sector has a key role to achieve the purpose determined by the historic Paris Agreement to limit the planet's temperature rise below 2 ° C, leaving the 1.5° C door open. 

Neoenergia Group is fully aligned with this purpose and addresses climate change in its business strategy, through its Policy Against Climate Change​ and the commitment made to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 13, Action against Global Climate Change. 



The company is committed to a​ssuming a leadership position in the fight against climate change, promoting a social culture aimed at raising the awareness of all its stakeholders about the magnitude of this call and the associated benefits, identifying concrete actions within the scope of mitigation and adaptation.​



Neoenergia Group wants to actively and decisively contribute to a sustainable and low-carbon future, an effort that will boost the country's social and economic development through the generation of jobs and income.

The strategy to combat climate change was defined under the Paris Agreement, in which Brazil undertook to reduce by 37%, by 2025, greenhouse gas emissions as compared to the level recorded in 2005, reaching 43% in 2030. In order to achieve the goal, the country intends, among other measures, to increase the share of renewable sources in the energy mix to 45% and to increase energy efficiency in the electricity sector by 10%.

Neoenergia is fully engaged in this pact and addresses climate change not only as a risk factor, but also as an opportunity to be seized through mitigation and adaptation actions during the transition to a low-carbon economy. The Company's diversification of generation assets – combining hydro, wind​ and thermal - sources  allows a better management of the risks of climatic variations. The company is positioned to take advantage of opportunities thanks to its prominent role in renewable energy, smart grids, storage and digitalization, all paramount to the transition to a low-carbon and climate-resilient economy.

In 2019, the energy generated by the Group amounted to 14,007 GWh, proportionally considering Neoenergia's shareholding in each project, where 74.2% is derived from hydro power plants, 13.2% from thermal plants and 12.6% from wind farms. The generation installed capacity from renewable sources was 76.2%.

In this context of generation, the intensity of CO2 emissions by the company in 2019 was 70g CO2/kWh, a figure that showcases the company's contribution in reaching the global goal of Iberdrola group , i.e., reaching less than 150g CO2/ kWh by 2030.

Learn more on other Neoenergia initiatives on the theme at the Company's Sustainability report.

Here  you can find out more about Neoenergia's contribution to the Iberdrola group's global leadership in renewable energies​​.

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