Carnival: Neoenergia prepares special scheme to ensure safe energy supply


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Photo of drums at carnival event

Present in states with the largest parties in the country, the company strengthened teams and performed preventive maintenance in BA and PE, in addition to the other concession areas

Neoenergia's distributors are working in special operation to ensure the supply of electricity during Carnival. In all concession areas, the company reinforced inspection and maintenance in 3,800 kilometers of networks in the regions where the revelry is concentrated in each state, in addition to more than 1,385 equipment belonging to substations in the areas of operation. 

With a concentrated presence in the Northeast, where the two largest parties in the country are located - Bahia and Pernambuco, Neoenergia points out that the special operation for Carnival 2023 is added to the continuous maintenance actions already carried out by the concessionaires. Prevention actions serve to mitigate the possibility of occurrences, which also includes inspection with thermovisors, pruning of trees and the use of mobile transformers. In the five distributors of Neoenergia – Neoenergia Coelba (BA), Neoenergia Pernambuco (PE), Neoenergia Cosern (RN), Neoenergia Elektro (SP/MS) and Neoenergia Brasília (DF) – the staff of the teams on duty was reinforced for service in the period.

" We work intensively throughout the year to ensure the supply of energy with quality and safety for all our customers. Allied to all routine actions, we execute a special maintenance strategy for all regions of festivities. In addition, we have strengthened our teams on duty and have technological resources that can be activated immediately in case of occurrence", says Jader Carneiro, superintendent of Networks and Substations of Neoenergia.

In Pernambuco, the distributor has 400 teams on duty on the streets, an increase of 40% 24 hours a day. The state has more than two million customers, spread over 58 municipalities where the main carnival parties take place. In the Integrated Operations Center (IOC), the workforce increased by 30%. The unit monitors all teams of electricians, inspectors and engineers who are on the streets.

In Bahia, Neoenergia Coelba started planning six months ago, defining operational and service strategies to ensure safety and reliability in supply. For two of the circuits, there will be a lot of technology and innovation below ground. This is because, like the Batatinha Circuit, the Dodo Circuit (Barra-Ondina) now has an underground electrical network. It's over 10 kilometers of built-in cables.

Neoenergia Coelba's teams worked on preventive maintenance of the electricity grid at the event venues, including neighborhood rail. 450 kilometers of network and 64 feeders were inspected, in addition to pruning 660 trees near spinning, and the maintenance of 220 automated equipment.

The planning also included the three days of celebration of the traditional Juazeiro Carnival, which historically opens the revelry in Bahia. In addition to carrying out preventive actions in the electricity grid and doubling the number of teams in the field during the party, the distributor completed the modernization of the electricity grid in the city. In the municipality alone, 109 poles were replaced, more than three kilometers of network and installed two new reclosers, benefiting more than 13,000 residents, in addition to 6,000 vegetation pruning.

In Rio Grande do Norte, Neoenergia Cosern removed 1.6 tons of irregular cables from the network of poles on the urban edge of the capital Natal. Among the other actions are signaling the stretches of the electric network of cities in which electric trios will be used in carnival; safety guidelines for those who will enjoy Carnival at home or in the revelry of the streets and beaches; and communicated to the City Halls and street walkers looking for requests for provisional energy connections and change of the height of the network for the passage of threesomes.

Neoenergia Elektro will have more than 120 professionals among electricians, technicians and supervisors who will be strategically positioned in the cities where the main street carnivals occur in the concessionaire's area of operation, as in São Luiz do Paraitinga, traditional for the carnival of marchinhas, in the Paraíba Valley, and in the North coast.

At Neoenergia Brasília, inspections were carried out in just over 120 kilometers of the network, maintenance was performed at about 150 feeder points that cross the places with the highest flow of people.  Field teams will have their workforce increased by 30%.

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