School vacations require care against accidents involving electricity

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Children's curiosity can lead to some dangerous situations, especially during school vacations, when they spend more time at home. In order to minimize risks with electricity, the Neoenergia Group concessionaires, Coelba (BA), Celpe (PE), Cosern (RN) and Elektro (SP/MS) recommend increased attention by parents or guardians to prevent and avoid domestic accidents and also alerts the population to some care that ensure the safety of small and peace of mind of adults.


More exposed to the use of electricity and contact with electronic devices, children cannot assess the risks of recharging cell phones, tablets and notebooks. Therefore, the first and most basic action is to keep them away from sockets, wires and electrical appliances. In the case of sockets, protectors must be used so that metallic objects are not introduced, which is very common due to children's curiosity. Using "T" (benjamin, a Brazilian type of socket) and extensions permanently is also dangerous, as well as overcharging the outlets, it can cause short circuits and fires.

Electronic devices such as video games and computers should only be plugged in or unplugged by an adult, always using the plug and never pulling the wire directly. The wiring must be in perfect conditions too. If the cable is damaged in the insulation, the appliance must not be connected to the socket, otherwise it may represent a risk of electric shock.

Access to the refrigerator, a very simple act of daily life, should not happen at all with bare feet. You should never keep in touch with appliances when your body is wet. This care should be even greater in homes with swimming pools or on the beach, since it is common for people to get wet and open freezers and refrigerators. It is important to remember that water and energy do not match. In these wet areas, the company emphasizes the obligation to install the grounding conductor, better known as "ground wire", as required by NBR 5410 (Low Voltage Electrical Installations).​



Another important alert is the care with the kites, a play quite common in the vacations. Practicing in unsuitable areas can cause serious health risks, including death by electric shock. The play should always happen in open places and without electric grid nearby, such as parks, beaches, soccer fields and areas away from urban centers.

The danger of kite flying in undue places occurs when the line is twisting in wires and electric grid equipment and may cause short circuits. In addition to the risk to the population, it can harm the supply of energy. Another danger is cerol (a type of wax) lines that can damage the electrical wires.

The concessionaire reinforces that it is strictly forbidden to climb on poles or enter substations to, for example, catch kites or fetch balls. In both cases, the accesses are only authorized to the professionals in the service of the concessionaires. All plays should occur away from the electricity distribution network.


Electricity provides benefits such as well being and comfort for the whole family as long as used properly. But for this, the population needs to be aware of the consequences that misuse can entail. Safe and efficient use should be a constant in family life to prevent accidents and fight waste.

In parallel to the warnings made during vacation periods, Neoenergia's concessionaires also provide guidance to the population that lives near the substations, residents' associations, class entities and public schools throughout the year.

In the event of an electric shock, call the Fire Department (193) or the Samu (First-aid service) (192) for assistance and turn off the electric circuit breaker or general switch. It is important to remember that you should not touch the victim or the electric wire without knowing if they are disconnected.​

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