Neoenergia emphasizes some precautions with electrical energy during the New Year celebrations


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2021 is ending and in this period, it is common for people to set off fireworks, that is why Neoenergia reinforces some precautions and guidelines that will help to avoid and prevent accidents at this time. The first point to be attentive is for the use of fireworks and rockets. “These must never be used near or towards the energy network. The best way is to throw them as far away as possible from the wiring, preferably in an open place and with no people around", says Harley Albuquerque, Health and Safety manager at Neoenergia.

It is important to remember that all items can only be handled by adults, following the manufacturer's safety guidelines stamped on the packaging. In addition, fireworks must be of good quality, used properly, and purchased from an accredited store.

The risks associated with the use of fireworks near the energy network include accidents raging from the damage the electricity supply to fatal situations. In the event of a power outage, the first step is to isolate the area and call the distributor to identify the situation and appropriate interventions. Never come near or touch the wiring that might fall off or try to remove an object from the network. Only the distributor's team is qualified for such procedures. 

And if your celebration will take place at home, avoid overloading electronic devices in sockets and never touch broken or peeled wires," Albuquerque reinforces. Other safety recommendations emphasize not turning on electronics near a pool or places with water and not handling these devices if your body is barefoot or wet. Finally, it is advisable to double the attention to children and animals and keep them away from light and sound equipment.

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