New technology benefits over 135,000 Coelba customers in Vitória da Conquista (BA)

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Coelba, a Neoenergia Group's distributor in Bahia, is using a new technology in Vitória da Conquista power grid. The Smart Grid Automation (AIR) system has started-up in December, benefiting over 135,000 customers in the region. The new system minimizes power outages in so-called “temporary defects" when, for example, tree branches fall on the wiring. Situations like this, where the solution would take about an hour and a half - between identification and reconnecting the network by a technical team - can be solved in just 80 seconds, automatically.

For the technology development, the company invested around R$ 8.5 million with the installation of 142 distribution network equipment and 22 substation feeders in the region, as well as R$ 1.4 million to improve telecommunications system. - where most equipment communicates via its own radio network.​

The automation system will improve reliability and ensure that the company's Operations Center, which is located in the headquarters in Salvador, has more agile information, as well as enabling service teams to quickly identify the root causes of defects.

“2018 was a year of great innovations for Coelba, with the installation of Smart Grids. In addition to AIR system, automatic system recomposition technology (self-healing) is being implemented in many cities in the countryside of Bahia in order to increase the quality of energy supply to the customer", comments Emanuel Barbosa, Grid Automation Manager at Neoenergia.

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