Neoenergia takes action to benefit institutions impacted by the cancellation of the feasts of St. John


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sao-joao-good-energiesTo avoid an increase in cases of Covid-19, festivities are suspended and generate economic impact for several families who depend on one of the largest celebrations in Brazil 


With the cancellation of the June festivities for the second consecutive year, Neoenergia launched the campaign "São João e Boas Energias", which will donate basic baskets to support families from the states of Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte, Pernambuco, Bahia, São Paulo and the Federal District. The suspension of the party is part of the security measures to prevent agglomerations and increased contamination by the new Coronavirus, so the company is making donations to social institutions that support families who had the income impacted by the absence of the traditional celebration.   

The initiative is carried out by Neoenergia, its distributors, Instituto Neoenergia and has the partnership of Transforma Brasil, stimulating the participation of society so that together they can boost the campaign.  

The choice of localities to receive support was given by the performance of Neoenergia distributors and the important role they play in june parties. As an example, only in the cities of Caruaru (PE) and Campina Grande (PB), considered the two largest celebrations of São João in Brazil, the celebrations reach about R$ 400 million during the period. Each year in which they are not realized, it is estimated a loss of at least R$ 1 billion in the economy. There is also a major financial impact on cities promoting smaller celebrations.  

To participate in the action, the company created the website (Neoenergia São João) for symbolic engagement in the campaign. By accessing the site, an online accordion can be played, contributing to boost the campaign. Neoenergia will donate up to R$500,000, which will be reverted into basic baskets for social initiatives. Each participant will receive an animated card, which can be shared on their social networks to encourage others to participate. The campaign is already open and, in all, there will be 27 institutions benefited. 

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