Neoenergia starts operating transmission line and substation in the Northeast


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​​​​transmission tower

The undertaking has operational synergy with the company's wind generation assets and will be delivered more than 20 months ahead of Aneel's deadline​

Neoenergia has just energized a new substation and a transmission line in the Sertão da Paraíba (Paraíba Hinderland). The undertaking, delivered 21 months ahead of the contractual deadline set by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel), will contribute to the flow of clean energy generation in the region, where the company already has three wind farms in operation and is building another 15 in the Chafariz complex. The project contemplates the first stretch of Lot 6 of the December 2017 transmission auction.

The new substation, Santa Luzia II, will be the connection point to the National Interconnected System (SIN) for two of Neoenergia's strategic renewable generation projects. One of them is the Chafariz Wind Complex, with 20 generating units, corresponding to 69.3 MW of installed capacity, in the testing phase, significantly ahead of the business plan. The other is the Luzia solar park, whose construction work began in May and will be the company's first for centralized photovoltaic generation.

The stretch of the line is 124 kilometers long, with voltage at 500 kV, between the cities of Santa Luzia and Campina Grande. The operation license for the TL Santa Luzia - Campina Grande was issued by the Superintendence of Environmental Administration of Paraíba and the Operation License for the SE Santa Luzia was issued by The Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA).

"With the delivery of the transmission project, we will be able to expand the supply of clean energy, contributing to the strengthening of the wind source and sustainable development. These are important assets for the company, which are aligned with the global decarbonization goal of Iberdrola, our controlling shareholder. Furthermore, they help in the reliability of the electric system in the region", affirms Neoenergia's Transmission officer, Fabiano Uchoas.

The Santa Luzia project includes, in all, 345 kilometers of transmission lines, with 124 kilometers connecting the Campina Grande III Substation (expansion) to the Santa Luzia II Substation (new substation) and 221 kilometers connecting the Santa Luzia II Substation to the Milagres III Substation (expansion). Throughout the construction work, 1,160 direct jobs were created.

Chafariz Wind Complex

The start of operation of the line will allow the flow of energy generated by the Chafariz Wind Complex, which already has 20 generating units in the testing phase, corresponding to 69.3 MW of installed capacity.  In all, the enterprise will have 15 farms, being one of the largest wind power generation projects of Neoenergia in the country and of Iberdrola in Latin America.  The project will have an installed capacity of 471.2 MW and will have part of its energy supplied to the SIN and part to the Free Contracting Environment (ACL). 136 turbines will be installed with a unit capacity of 3.465MW, one of the most modern in the market, which are currently being assembled and commissioned.

Construction of the complex began in October 2019, ahead of the company's business plan. More than 1,400 jobs were generated, with approximately 40% being local labor.  Besides contributing to generation through job creation, the company has carried out several actions to benefit the municipalities around Santa Luzia, such as holding training courses, installing photovoltaic panels in health units, refurbishing a school, and supporting the quilombola community of Serra do Talhado.​

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