Neoenergia puts into operation modern distribution centers in Bahia and Rio Grande do Norte


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New Distribution Centers serve Coelba (BA) and Cosern (RN) operations and together they total more than 70 thousand m²

Neoenergia has invested in the construction of new Distribution Centers (DCs) for Coelba​ (BA) and Cosern​ (RN) concessionaires. Aimed at storing and distributing items such as transformers, cables and personal protection equipment to the grid maintenance and construction teams, the DCs delivered represent a reinforcement in Neoenergia's reliability and competitiveness, since they place the company as a logistics reference among the energy distributors in the country.  The modern buildings have an infrastructure that is more adequate for the fulfillment of activities and capable of keeping up with the growth of operations.

"The change in the distribution centers is a major milestone for Coelba and Cosern, representing a new moment to improve the quality of logistics processes and field execution, with more safety, productivity and assertiveness in the movement of materials.  It is a great gift for our operations and the result of a joint effort of our teams," says the officer of Processes and Technology at Neoenergia, Heron Fontana.

Among the innovations is the WMS - Warehouse Management System. “The technology enables the use of bar codes to receive, store, and dispatch materials. The result is a reduction in product movement time in the warehouse, generating greater reliability in the processes and consequently an increase in efficiency," says the corporate logistics manager at Neoenergia, Vanessa Godinho.


The facilities of both DCs count on road scale infrastructure, laboratory to ensure the quality of the received materials, waterproofed area for the storage of transformers with water and oil separator box, besides an acclimatized area for the storage of individual protection equipment (IPE).

"All the materials in the Distribution Centers are used in grid maintenance and construction, such as conductors, insulators, and connectors.  We receive the purchases and direct them to the teams on a daily basis. That is why it is important to rely on an efficient and fast infrastructure so that the distribution occurs in the place, quantity and time required," explains Andre Privat, Neoenergia's Logistics specialist. He also points out that the process of moving from the old DCs to the new ones involved a major logistics operation, so that the operation did not stop for a single day.

Coelba's new Distribution Center has an area of 47,320 m² and is located in Conceição do Jacuípe (BA), a strategic area for the outflow of products to the interior of the state, since it is located by the BR 324 highway. With a ceiling height of 12 meters, it provides an internal storage capacity of 12,000 pallet positions, instead of the 2,848 previously existing. In addition, it now has six receiving and shipping docks, compared to two in the old DC, a growth that will make it possible to triple customer service, reducing time and increasing the efficiency of deliveries.

In Rio Grande do Norte, Cosern's new DC is located in São José de Mipibu, with a total area of 24,973 m². The expectation is to generate a reduction in costs with the increase in storage space, with 3,442 more pallet-holder positions and an increase in leveling docks and forklift trucks, which allows access to 100% of the storage area.

The DCs of the other Neoenergia distributors - Celpe (PE) and Elektro (SP/MS) already operate according to the standard delivered in Bahia and Rio Grande do Norte. The forecast is that in 2022 the project will reach Neoenergia Distribuição Brasília​, which started to be operated by the company in March this year.

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