Neoenergia resumes Electricians School in virtual format for more than 500 students

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Adopting distance education resources, Neoenergia resumed the activities of the Electricians School, an initiative focused on electric professional training, offered to the residents of four states where the company has energy concessionaires – Coelba (Bahia), Celpe (Pernambuco), Cosern (Rio Grande do Norte) and Elektro (São Paulo). The project was suspended in March due to the Covid-19 pandemic, that imposed the need for social isolation.

Overall, more than 500 students will have access to the virtual environment to study the theoretical subjects. Students will be trained to perform activities in electrical installations in energy distribution grids. Of the 27 groups whose classes had been suspended, 20 were in the theoretical phase and could have their meetings restarted using platforms such as Google for Education and Microsoft Teams, nine in municipalities of Bahia, ten in Pernambuco and one in São João da Boa Vista (SP). The course returned to 474 students from Bahia and Pernambuco, including 100 women from exclusively female groups. The initiative is carried out in partnership with Senai (Coelba, Celpe and Cosern) and the Instituto Federal de São Paulo (Elektro).

"We want to offer the opportunity to this public that seeks professional training in the midst of the crisis to help them participate in selection processes and quickly enter the job market," says Régia Barbosa, superintendent of Organizational Development and Culture of Neoenergia.


The solution was accepted by the students, who were consulted about the possibility of participating in remote classes before the company chose this model. In addition, they participated in webinars on health and safety and training on the use of the platforms.

"We advised all students to reserve a home environment to attend the four hours of class each day and wear the course uniform, all to favor this teaching environment and increase connection. In addition, we instructed with step-by-step actions on what to do in case of Internet crashes or how to solve doubts in the virtual environment," reports Régia Barbosa.

The presential classes will be restarted in the next few months after the completion of the course's theoretical module. This stage will be held in open environments and following the protocol in accordance with state health and safety standards, such as mandatory wearing of masks, distance of two meters between students and personal hygiene guidelines.


Electricians School is carried out by Neoenergia since 2017 and has already trained 1,330 students in the states of Bahia, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte and São Paulo.  Of this total, 768 students were hired by the companies of the group. In 2019, Neoenergia promoted a pioneering initiative by creating the first classes exclusively for women in order to promote diversity and inclusion.

This initiative is part of the  Iberdrola group answer to Coronavirus .

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