Neoenergia remains in B3's 17th Corporate Sustainability Index portfolio


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Neoenergia remains in the 17th portfolio of the Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE B3), announced on Wednesday (29) by B3 for the four-month period from January to April 2022. This is the second time in a row that the company has been included in the portfolio, two and a half years after the IPO. The index brings together 46 companies from 27 sectors.

Created in 2005, it is the fourth in the world, and includes companies with the best social, environmental, and corporate governance practices. Companies holding the 200 most liquid shares in B3 are the ones invited to the process. ISE has assessed Neoenergia’s economic and financial aspects and its performance from ESG perspective. In 2021, it started using the CDP Climate score as the basis for assessing the climate notebook. In its debut in the CDP, the company scored A-, thus validating its admission not only to the CDP but also to the ISE.

Remaining in the ISE B3 portfolio is a confirmation that we continue to evolve positively in our sustainable management model based on the best governance and transparency practices. Even before the ESG term came into evidence, Neoenergia already operated with a total focus on these principles, always looking far beyond the sustainability concept. This result reflects that our pioneering spirit in ESG is leading us along the right path of developing our business in an increasingly sustainable way and, at the same time, being recognized by society", celebrates Mario Ruiz-Tagle, Neoenergia's CEO.

The company is one of the leaders in the Brazilian electric sector and it is in line with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (U.N.), with special focus on SDG 7, aimed at ensuring accessible and Clean Energy, and SDG 13, fight against climate change. Accordingly, it adopts an energy model that prioritizes innovation and clean, smart, and reliable energy. Aligned with Iberdrola, its parent company, it seeks to contribute to the economy's decarbonization and is targeting to neutralize carbon emissions by 2050. To this end, it invests especially in wind and solar generation, sustainable mobility, and smart grids.

By 2022, Neoenergia will reach 90% of its installed capacity in renewable sources, a profile that is even cleaner than the Brazilian energy matrix. Two strategic wind complexes are under construction - Chafariz (PB) and Oitis (PI and BA) - which will lead the company to triple its installed capacity in wind power, in addition to Luzia solar complex (PB), the company's first photovoltaic complex for centralized generation. Besides contributing to clean energy expansion, these investments generate economic, social, and environmental benefits for the Northeast and the country.


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