Neoenergia remains a member of the ISE B3 Portfolio that will be in force in 2023

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For the third consecutive year, Neoenergia will remain in the portfolio of the Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) B3 – Brazil, Bolsa, Balcão. The 18th portfolio of ISE B3, whose second preview was announced last Friday (16/12), will take effect from January 2023 bringing together 70 shares of 70 companies.

Created in 2005, ISE is the fourth sustainability index launched in the world and includes companies that have the best practices ESG.  Companies that occupy the top 200 positions in the B3 Trading Index are invited to answer a questionnaire that covers economic, social, environmental and governance issues.

"Neoenergia's strategy and business model were designed in anticipation of the role that the electricity sector can play in the actions in the face of climate change and in creating opportunities for economic, social and environmental development. The maintenance of the Group in ISE validates this sustainable business model and is a source of great pride for us", says Eduardo Capelastegui, CEO of Neoenergia.

Neoenergia works to boost the decarbonization of the economy, expanding the supply of renewable energy and in digitized networks. In this way, it adds value to all its stakeholders. Neoenergia also stands out for being aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN) with a special focus on SDG7, aimed at ensuring affordable and clean energy, and on SDS 13, combating climate change. 


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