Neoenergia reinforces diversity and promotes initiatives on the subject for its employees


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As a reinforcement of one of its main pillars, Neoenergia promotes actions to address the Diversity theme with its internal audience. Among the highlights, the company will hold, this June, a week with guests to discuss relevant issues in society, such as sexuality, violence against women, race, acceptance, among others. The action is part of the Diversity Program of the company, which aims to promote a work environment of inclusion, respect for differences, empowerment and fight against prejudice.

"Our purpose is to fight for equal opportunities and we know we can make a difference, as we are an important part of this process. We believe in equality in all fields and that, in addition to being a primordial right, it is also one of the essential foundations for building a more prosperous and fair world for all groups", sayd Régia Barbosa, Superintendent of Organizational Development at Neoenergia.

During Diversity Week, employees will have access to exclusive conversations with guests such as Maíra Azevedo, who is the journalist and content creator on the YouTube channel Tia Má. In her presentation, she will address topics such as daily life, relationships, racism and feminism. Gabriela Augusto will also participate, a trans and black woman, who in recent years has been dedicating herself to consulting work on Diversity and Inclusion in organizations. The central discussion of the lectures and debate rounds will be around the themes: Why is Diversity important to you?, Unconscious bias, Violence against women, Diversity in business, Self-esteem and protagonism to include yourself.

Besides, Neoenergia will take the opportunity to launch the Junt+s webapp, an exclusive platform to multiply content, with testimonials, information, diversity numbers, videos and games. In this space, the company's teams can always be informed about the subject, know how to recognize and perform good practices in the most different environments and have access to all the benefits of promoting diversity in all areas of life.

Currently, the company has 43% of women in its corporate teams, while the Executive Board has 44% of female members. The goal is for the percentage numbers to be even more expressive in the coming years. Financial independence is one of the main ways to empower all groups of people and, with this in mind, promoting equality in the access to the labor market is very important.

"When we respect differences, we are able to build, together, the world we want to live in, with more empathy, equality and opportunities for everyone. We want our employees to feel at ease to be who they are, with the freedom and belonging they deserve”, reinforces Régia.

Within this strategy, the company plans to constantly review its Human Resources processes, act in recruitment and selection to make selection processes more inclusive, train its leadership for diversity management and continue to promote diversity actions to empower and fight prejudice.

Neoenergia also maintains an Equal Opportunities and Reconciliation Policy, not allowing any type of discrimination by race, color, age, sex, marital status, ideology, political opinions, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or any other personal, physical or social condition among its professionals. The initiatives are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN, especially number 5, Gender equality.

Among the other initiatives in favor of diversity, the company has just become the first exclusive sponsor of the Brazilian women's soccer team, also supporting the national club competition, which was renamed to Brasileirão Feminino Neoenergia. The encouragement of sports practiced by women has become a lever for its essential values: equality between men and women, including as an agent of social change that promotes principles such as healthy living, respect, good examples and discipline.

In this context, the company also created the Electricians School in order to train professionals in the area, which also offers exclusive classes for women, to encourage and support the entry of woman into a profession that is still mostly male. The initiative guaranteed the recognition of the UN Women, in 2020.


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