Neoenergia performs operations and recovers sufficient energy to serve more than 970 thousand customers


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In inspection and regularization actions, 166.6 GWh were recovered by the company's distribution companies from January to March 2021

Preventive and power deviation actions performed by Neoenergia's distribution companies led to the recovery of about 166.6 GWh from January to March 2021. Such energy is sufficient to serve about 976 thousand residential customers for more than one month. Such volume is higher than, for example, the number of inhabitants of Natal, capital of Rio Grande do Norte. The number refers to the energy accumulated by the concessionaires Coelba​ (BA), Celpe (PE), Cosern (RN) and Elektro (SP e MS) and in only 28 days of operations of Neoenergia Distribuição Brasília. In the new group company, more than 68% of the annual average over the past 5 years were recovered. In order to reach such positive results, actions, such as inspection and regularization of customers, are performed by using innovative solutions, such as analytics and smart sensors.

“The technology allows us to act in a strategic and assertive manner, acting against deviations with more efficiency, either focused on residential and business consumers or on public lighting. In addition to allowing for the recovery of energy, such actions allow people to have access to the services in a regular and safe manner", stated Neoenergia's Customer Services Director, Luiz Flávio Sá.

In the first quarter, 136 thousand inspections were performed, recovering more than 88 GWh across the concession areas of the four distribution companies – Coelba, Celpe, Cosern and Elektro. In such actions, the companies replaced 115 thousand obsolete and/or possibly defective meters, one of the strategies to prevent power deviations. Over the 28 days of management at Neoenergia Distribuição Brasília, 237 inspections were carried out in Group A customers (major industries and commerce), recovering about 6 GWh, and about 4 thousand in Group B consumers (residences and small companies), recovering more than 5 GWh.

One of the modernization initiatives contributing to the combat against the deviations is the grid shielding, in which the group concessionaires promote the implementation of new grid standards and the replacement of equipment, such as cables and meters. One of the main changes is the exchange of meters, which cease to be installed at the facade or inside the properties and become part of a Centralized Metering System (CMS), connected to the distribution companies' poles, allowing for the telemetering. With that, the equipment may be remotely monitored in order to perform services and identify interferences while metering.

Another action performed by Neoenergia's distribution companies is the regularization of clandestine customers, i.e., the installation of energy meters for consumers, who do not own the equipment yet and, therefore, are in irregular situation. The request may be made to the concessionaires and the connection is made free of charges. From January to March 2021, Coelba, Celpe, Cosern and Elektro regularized 23 thousand customers, 71 of which are big-sized customers, which resulted into more than 25 GWh recovered. In Brasilia, more than one thousand clandestine consumers were regularized, who will add up 6 GWh in 2021.

Public Lighting

Among the main anti-deviation actions, there appears the survey and inspection of public lighting parks. Over the first quarter of the year, initiatives were carried out in more than 138 thousand points across the concession areas, amounting to 35 GWh in recovered energy. In such work, the distribution companies used a robust technology capable of running the data analytics, i.e., the smart analysis of data. In such casa, they are used as satellite imaging base, which are compared with the information in the register. The systems are able to verify whether the number of poles and their location are equivalent to the data in the company's catalog.


Neoenergia's distribution companies manage to further recover 1.6 GWh in 36 actions with law enforcement support. The technology is also an ally to set the locations where such operations will be performed. The company has smart sensors installed at strategic locations, considering high complexity studies, which allow to monitor the energy balance of the grid. The equipment enables the identification of losses in order to subsidize the work.


Power deviations are harmful for all customers, since they promote inappropriate modifications in the grid, bringing risks to life and part of the robbed energy value is paid by all consumers. For that reason, Neoenergia reinforces the significance of reporting frauds. The reports are anonymously made to the Customer Relationship Centers or directly to the distribution companies' website, in Canais de Atendimento (Customer Service Channels) > Denúncia de Irregularidade (Irregularity Report).​

Relationship Center for anonymous reporting:

Coelba/Celpe/Cosern: 116

Elektro: 0800 701 01 02

Neoenergia Distribuição Brasília: 116


Digital service channels (Site and WhatsApp):

Coelba www.coelba.com.br | (71) 3370-6350

Celpe www.celpe.com.br | (81) 3217-6990

Elektro www.elektro.com.br | (19) 2122-1696

Cosern www.cosern.com.br | (84) 3215-6001

Neoenergia Distribuição Brasília www.neoenergiabrasilia.com.br

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