Neoenergia invites to public hearings of Lot 6 Transmission Auction No. 02/2017


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Neoenergia Façade 

Neoenergia won Lot 6 in the Energy Transmission Auction 02/2017, held on 12/15/17. 

Lot 6, located between the states of Ceará and Paraíba, has an approximate length of 345 km, corresponding to LT 500 kV Milagres II - Santa Luzia II and SE Santa Luzia II (222.1 km length) and LT 500 kV Santa Luzia II - Campina Grande III (123.8 km length), for which EKTT 2 Serviços de Transmissão de Energia Elétrica SPE S.A., a company of the NEOENERGIA Group, a public utility concessionaire in energy transmission segment, pursuant to Concession Agreement No. 06/2018-ANEEL is responsible for the implementation, operation and maintenance for a period of thirty (30) consecutive years.

For the environmental licensing process at the state level, under the responsibility of the Environmental Administration Superintendence - SUDEMA, one (1) Public Hearing will be held in the city of Soledade (PB), which has good accessibility as compared to the others, at the date, time and place indicated below.


Municipality of Soledade (PB), Wednesday, 05/22/2019, at 9:30 p.m. at IDE - Projetos Sociais, at Rua Gerson Ouriques de Lima, 13 - Alto São José. 


This public hearing refers to Santa Luzia II 500kV LT - Campina Grande III, with an approximate length of 123.8 km, intercepting twelve (12) municipalities in the State of Paraíba (Santa Luzia, São Mamede, Junco do Seridó, Salgadinho, Assunção, Taperoá, Santo André, Juazeirinho, Soledade, Gurjão, Boa Vista and Campina Grande).

For the federal environmental licensing process, under the responsibility of the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources - IBAMA, two (2) Public Hearings will be held in the municipalities of Mauriti (CE) and Santa Luzia (PB), at the date, time and place indicated below.


Municipality of Mauriti (CE), Tuesday, 06/04/2019, at 9:00 a.m., at the EEEP Padre João Bosco de Lima, at Rua José Jacome de Carvalho, s/n – Bela Vista.


Municipality of Santa Luzia (PB), Wednesday, 06/05/2019, at 9:00 a.m., at Festas e Cia Recepções, at Rua Moacir Medeiros, 61 - Antônio Bento. 


These public hearings refer to LT 500kV Milagres II - Santa Luzia II and SE Santa Luzia II, with an approximate length of 222.1 km, intercepting fourteen (14) municipalities, two (2) in the State of Ceará (Milagres and Mauriti ) and twelve (12) in the State of Paraíba (Bonito de Santa Fé, Serra Grande, São José de Caiana, Itaporanga, Igaracy, Piancó, Emas, Catingueira, Santa Teresinha, Patos, São Mamede and Santa Luzia)​.

The purpose of such events will be to present to the population information about the project environmental licensing, the entrepreneur, the main characteristics of the LT project and the social and environmental studies carried out (EIA/RIMA), highlighting the identified impacts, mitigation measures, proposed environmental plans and programs. 

In this opportunity, it will be possible to ask questions, provide clarifications and make suggestions for the improvement of the entire project, in its various stages: planning, implementation and operation.

In this sense, EKTT 2 invites all stakeholders to participate in this Hearing. We clarify that the population of these municipalities is already being informed and invited by various communication means/media, such as radio, newspaper, posters, street banners, internet, car with sound system, etc.

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