Neoenergia Institute supports the production of films about the contemporary Northeast

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The project "Casa da Praia Lab - Outros Nordestes" is open for registration for the second edition of the script laboratory. The initiative is organized by Casa da Praia Filmes, producer of the award-winning short film "Sideral" (read more below). 15 feature film scripts will be selected from northeastern filmmakers or residents in the region for at least three years, with seven vacancies for screenwriters from Rio Grande do Norte or residing in Rio Grande do Norte for the same period. Each of those selected will receive a scholarship of R$ 1,500.00.  

Registration is free and must be made by May 18 through the website http://www.casadapraiafilmes.com.br/ The initiative is one of the 24 socio-cultural projects supported by the Neoenergia Institute and Neoenergia's distributor in Rio Grande do Norte, Neoenergia Cosern, through the call for proposals "Transforming Energy into Culture" and the State Law of Incentive to Culture Câmara Cascudo.  

For Renata Chagas, director of the Neoenergia Institute, the actions bring the public closer to art and reinforce the company's commitment to social development. "We are happy to support initiatives through our call for proposals Transforming Energy into Culture aligned with our actions, whether they are focused on inclusion, equity, diversity, culture of peace and appreciation of local culture," he said. The executive adds that the selection of the projects of "Transforming Energy into Culture" also applies to Bahia, the Federal District and São Paulo. Applications for the call for proposals are open until May 19 for legal entities, such as individual microentrepreneurs and non-profit organizations.  

The 15 scripts selected by Casa da Praia Filmes will undergo improvement processes with the accompaniment of specialized professionals. The laboratory will take place between June 26 and 30, in the capital Natal. In addition to encouraging Northeast film production, the new format aims to foster new imaginaries about the Northeast, escaping the stereotypes propagated about the region.  

"The intention of the laboratory is to create other possible Norestes, escaping the thematic and aesthetic clichés that are often the only representation of the region. The idea is to use cinema as a means of reinventing the Northeast in society," explains the general producer of the project and founder of Casa da Praia Filmes, Pedro Fiuza.  

The event will be entirely in the face-to-face format and within the program there will be spaces open to the public that will discuss topics such as the cinematography of the Northeast and the production of imaginary about the culture of the region. Some of the items required for registration are "logline" (brief summary, with one or two sentences, which aims to arouse interest in the essence of the story), synopsis, script, three scenes developed and creative, visual and sound proposal. The complete itinerary is optional.  

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