Neoenergia Institute highlights projects in synergy with the Sustainable Development Goals

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Initiatives benefit society and the planet, reducing impacts and promoting inclusion in all spheres

Neoenergia Institute acts in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN), which called for the Decade of Action, seeking to engage society in reaching the 2030 Agenda. In each project developed, the goals are associated and it is clear the importance of maintaining the protagonism for the planet's sustainable development.  

To corroborate this strategy, Neoenergia  also promoted the SDG Week, with several internal actions, reinforcing the company's position to its audience. Among the themes covered were ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), energy transition, electric mobility, as well as interaction and educational games.   

The Institute's projects reinforce the SDGs and the company marks in each initiative its presence in this scenario of social responsibility and transformation. Throughout the years of Neoenergia's operations, it has become clear how important it is to remain pioneering and attentive to the world's needs. Below, you can check out how each action of the Institute is linked to the commitments of the UN Global Compact and the SDGs.  



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