Neoenergia Institute and Porto Social launch social entrepreneurship incentive program

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DroPS Launch 

Neoenergia Institute and Porto Social signed a partnership, this Monday (25), with the purpose of structuring and training social entrepreneurs in Pernambuco. The initiative, entitled DroPS, is part of Porto Social Education Program, which has the main objective of inserting, connecting and qualifying the enterprises from impact business ecosystem in Brazil. The agreement will be signed at Porto Social headquarters, at Rua Marques Amorim, in Ilha do Leite.

DroPS seeks to connect 50 entrepreneurs who have ideas and social impact projects at an early stage of managerial maturity with the local social innovation environment. These entrepreneurs will undergo training and co-creation laboratories aligned with the six fundamental axes of the Education Program: Ecosystem, Purpose, Management, Financial Sustainability, People Management and Communication.

Thus, Porto will promote the integration between Local Social Ecosystem agents (first, second and third sectors), develop the skills and abilities of the social entrepreneur, foster social actions/activities of entrepreneurs and contribute to a culture of volunteering.

It is expected that at the end of DroPS education path, the Social Entrepreneur will be inserted into the impact business ecosystem of Pernambuco and nationwide, in addition to identifying local social problems and establishing the entrepreneur's purpose for solving such social and environmental ills. The intention is that they also have access to management tools for the beginning of institutional development; obtaining resources and tools for people management, including volunteering, and be able to identify possible means for the financial sustainability of the project and development of communication channels with all stakeholders in the actions.

In the individual level, participants develop their skills and abilities as a social entrepreneur, such as empathy, decision-making ability, energy-creating ability, creativity, strategic vision, innovation, resilience.​

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