Neoenergia Institute and Ekloos Institute kick off the “Impactô” Social Acceleration Program

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On October 8, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., the opening event of “Impactô" Social Acceleration Program will be held at Colabore, an initiative aimed at fueling the development of project generating social impact in the capital of Bahia.

The program, carried out by Neoenergia Institute, with institutional support of Coelba, and Ekloos Institute, has selected five organizations that will receive training and mentoring in the areas of strategic management, business and innovation during a four-month period.  In addition to individual mentoring, the managers of such initiatives will also experiment four collective immersions. By the end of the program, participating organizations will perform a presentation of their initiatives to an investment committee, and may receive an incentive of up to R$ 50 thousand.

The meetings will be held in Colabore area, from the Municipal Department of Sustainability, Innovation and Resilience, through a partnership between the program and the Mucipality of Salvador and Sebrae.​


The event will be attended by Renata Chagas, Neoenergia Institute's CEO, Marcio Caires, Coelba Superintendent and Andréa Gomides, Ekloos Institute's CEO. During the event, the organizations will present their projects and will share the expectation of being a part of an innovative program in the city of Salvador.

“Neoenergia Institute intends to go beyond the donation of financial funds to social organizations. We believe in social impact by appreciating and qualifying social entrepreneurs so that they are able to advance by themselves and contribute to human development, inclusion and generation of opportunities", says Renata Chagas. ​


Selected organizations were:

Bankman – This is a social impact business that develops a digital platform for providing financial services and sale of products to low-income people. The service is offered by people interested in generating or increasing their own income, who may download the App and be a Bankman Agent, working in the door-to-door model, and being paid via commission.

Punk Hazard Studios – This is a social impact business that will enable people with visual disabilities to enjoy audible products such as movies and series developed with binaural audio technology.

CIPÓ - Comunicação Interativa – This is a non-profit organization aimed at creating opportunities for the full development and social, cultural and political participation of children, adolescents and young people, through the democratization of communication and education.

Acopamec – This is a non-profit organization developing activities during after-school periods for children and young people from Mata Escura and Calabetão communities. More than 500 children are benefited from artistic, cultural and sport activities.

Associação Clara Amizade – This is a non-profit organization developing activities of Human, Citizenship, Artistic and Vocational Education during after-school periods for children, adolescents and young people in five community centers located in Vetor Norte in Salvador: Bairro da Paz, São Cristóvão, Nova Brasília, Itapuã and Piatã. ​


Ekloos Institute is a social accelerator that, over its 10 years of operation, has already qualified over 5,000 entrepreneurs and accelerated more than 400 NGO and social impact business. With an Acceleration Program based in own and differentiated methodologies, it has been working with social initiatives so as to qualify the management, support sustainable development and foster innovation, enabling an increased social impact generated by each organization in their area of operation. In 2018, it was ranked among the 10 top Brazilian accelerators and, in 2017, it was recognized by the Best NOGs Award by Época Magazine and Instituto Doar.​


Neoenergia Institute is aimed at fostering the development of social and environmental action in the areas of operation of Neoenergia, its sponsor, by supporting society in the management and promotion of selected projects, reinforcing the company's brand and commitment with the development of local culture and economy.

For the 2018 to 2022 cycle, the challenge of Neoenergia Institute is to collaborate directly with the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN. The main objectives are the contribution to the improvement of the life quality of the most vulnerable people and the commitment to sustainable development, through carrying out projects in the scope of the following pillars: Training and Research, Biodiversity and Climate Change, Art and Culture, Social Action and Institutional Collaboration, which seeks alliances to achieve the SDGs. ​

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