Neoenergia innovates by using unique technology in transmission substations

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Digital world is already a reality in games, interpersonal relationships, at work, home, school and even in the medical area. Neoenergia follows this innovation wave and now is adopting a more advanced technology, unique in the electric sector in transmission business.

Starting in May, in pilot project developed by the company, operators of three substations - Sobral (CE), Fernão Dias (SP) and Baixo Iguaçu (PR) - will receive wereables devices with remote technology tele-commanded by voice (Hands-free Remote Collaboration Tool) that will support operation and maintenance activities in transmission lines and substations and will be able to share information, knowledge and interact remotely, live, with each other. For example, a specialist in São Paulo will be able to support and follow the actions of a technician in field using this equipment, as if he/she was alongside.


By using this device, which is adapted into the field employee’s elbow, the specialist in a remote location has the same view of the technician and is able to communicate with him/her through voice commands. The equipment also enables the sharing of image documents, audio and video in its screen.

This is a milestone for national transmission segment and we are the first-movers, by innovating through the use of technology. This provide us more reliability and safety for the execution of field activities, mainly in a period of social isolation”, highlights Felipe Silva, Maintenance Engineering Manager at Neoenergia.


For example, the technology will allow remote support from specialists, who will not be required to move to the premises for assisting the field team, the training on the performance of new roles and the study of new equipment, as well as the recording of works. Benefits are numerous, both to Neoenergia and the customer.


This tool will help us to reduce the time for the analysis of causes of big outages, leading to higher quality and continuity in the energy supply, and its use will reduce costs with travels and training”, says Felipe.

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