Neoenergia implements a pioneer technology in Brazil


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In one more pioneer project in the country,  Neoenergia has completed the installation of Nutanix's hyperconvergence tool, a system that will unify technological frameworks of the group's distributors  – Celpe (PE), Coelba (BA) Cosern (RN) and Elektro (SP and MS). The deployment of this system will optimize and automate certain infrastructure and technology processes of the company, increasing the reliability and safety of energy supply for the consumer units.

Hyperconvergence is a process of unifying technological frameworks. It enables a reduction of up to 60% for the infrastructure within a conventional data center, ensuring the same characteristics of redundancy in the system and its scalability, generating savings of approximately 40% in the cost of processes. "Hyperconvergence came to unify. Currently we have an aggregate of technology, which is disk spacing, memory and processing. With the system, all these processes will remain in only one place", explained Marlos Santos, Neoenergia’s infrastructure analyst (NUTANIX hyperconvergence specialist), and in charge of the process coordination.

The hyperconvergence developed by Nutanix is the most widely renowned and traditional around the world. It was the pioneer in the production of this technology and was a model for other companies in the technological segment that developed their own hyperconvergence prototype.

In addition to improving internal processes and reducing costs for distributors, the technology will strengthen the energy supply to the population. Hyperconvergence enables increased processing performance, stability, speed and data scalability compared to conventional technology. And all this combined with enhanced information security.

Bruno Agra, Real Time and Cyber Security Systems Supervisor, summarized how hyperconvergence will improve energy distribution for Neoenergia customers. "The company achieves an improvement of about 40% in the performance of some processes. This leads to a better delivery of the services rendered by the distributors through applications, speed, safety and resilience of the data used for the operation of the electrical system. Databases and digital systems are at the core of modern companies, and with hyperconvergence they will be better structured to work to the benefit of customers. This Hyperconvergence environment will be the supporting base for the systems used to operate the Electrical System at Neoenergia", he analyzed.

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