Neoenergia distributors offer installment of the energy bill up to 24 times on the credit card


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light-bill installmentTo split the energy bill on the credit card, go to:

Since the pandemic started, many families across the country are facing difficulties in balancing the domestic budget. Whether due to reduced wages, lost jobs, or new needs that have arisen over the last few months, debts have been escalating in virtually every household. In order to contribute towards this search for financial balance, Neoenergia's distributors started offering, as of this Monday (03), the option to pay the electricity bill in up to 24 installments, with credit card. The payment modality, made available to customers of Coelba (BA), Celpe (PE), Cosern (RN), and Elektro (SP/MS)​, also allows for the settlement of debts in one single payment, in cash, without interest. Payment can be made through the company's website, in partnership with Flexpag, ensuring more convenience to consumers.

Customers already had the opportunity to pay their bills in up to 12 installments with Master, Visa, Hiper, Elo, and Amex cards. The increased number of installments is due to the fact that the company understands that the electricity bill should fit into the families' pockets without impacting other living expenses. It is worth reminding that, when paying in installments, customers also bear the interest rates of the card itself.

To subscribe to the installment plan, the distributors' customers must search the companies' website for the option “Payment with credit card", in the main banner, and follow the process of registering the credit card data, selecting the desired number of installments, and then clicking “pay with credit card". The total amount of the installments and the final amount, including the credit card interest rate, will also be shown.

Seeking to facilitate the receipt and payment of the bills and contribute towards everyone's health, the company advises its customers to register as to receive their bills via email or WhatsApp, and to update their data (mainly email and mobile number) through the online channels of the distributors or the app for smartphone or tablet.

In addition, aimed at providing convenience and agility, customers may also use several payment channels, such as internet banking, automatic debit, and PIX, for digital bills. In case of doubts, customers may contact the companies through their other relationship channels.

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