Neoenergia’s distributors offer 50% discounts in the purchase solar panels for energy generation

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Neoenergia's distributors Celpe (PE), Coelba (BA) and Elektro (SP/MS) are offering a discount for purchasing solar panels to customers interested in generating part of their own energy. This initiative, made possible through the Energy Efficiency Program (PEE), regulated by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel), grants a 50% discount in the acquisition of photovoltaic systems and will serve over 2,600 residential customers in the three states by 2020.

Enrollments to apply for the discount are made exclusively via website www.neoenergiasolar.com, and will be granted in tranches.  The first tranche, opened from 09/13 to 09/18, encompassed the offer of 700 systems, and the enrollments were closed for Celpe and Coelba, due to the high demand. Elektro's customers are still able to apply for participating in the selection during this first opportunity.

In the portal, the customer may check the dates for the opening of further tranches, as well as the estimate for the beginning of enrollment for Cosern (RN) customers, who will also have the opportunity to participate in the project, with 200 systems to be offered. ​


In the project page, the customer also finds detailed information and the project regulation. Among other criteria, to be entitled to apply, customers shall be compliant with their payment obligations with the concessionaire and have a minimum average monthly consumption of 350 kWh in the last 12 months. This consumption information may be found in the history contained in their last energy bill and the website offers a calculator to assist them. All requests will undergo a registration analysis, technical evaluation and, only after a technical inspection, they will proceed to the agreement stage and equipment installation.

In practical terms, the distributed generation customer has the system connected to the concessionaire's energy network. Energy generated is consumed directly in the consumer unit and the excess is added to the distribution network of the distributors and, accordingly, it is converted into credits that will be offset in subsequent bills. The energy generated and consumed by the customer will be accounted for via a two-way meter installed by the companies.

The project developed by Neoenergia's distributors is in line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, mainly SDG 7 (affordable and clean energy) and SDG 13 (climate action). 

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