Neoenergia distributors conduct inspections on networks that serve health units in five states and the Federal District


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Action aims to ensure the continuity of power supply at health centers and Covid-19 vaccination sites;

Distributors provided direct contact channels for serving health centers;

Operations are being performed in concession areas of Elektro (SP/MS), Neoenergia CEB-D (DF), Celpe (PE), Coelba (BA) and Cosern (RN)

Careful and supportive of the critical moment the country is going through with the worsening of the Covid-19 pandemic, Neoenergia's distributors have prepared a special preventive maintenance plan for the circuits that serve hospitals, health centers, and vaccination sites in their concession areas. Operations aim to ensure power supply to sites dedicated to fighting the disease and are being adopted by Coelba(BA), Celpe (PE), Cosern (RN), Elektro (SP/MS) and Neoenergia CEB-D (DF), which together serve about 37 million Brazilians. To provide more agility in emergency care, the distributors provided a channel of exclusive relationship with the health units.  

We know that this moment requires a lot of care and, accordingly, we continue to act effectively to ensure the power supply to the health sector in this most severe period of the pandemic. It is a critical segment for the entire society and we have prepared our operation for priority service", highlights Fúlvio Machado, Neoenergia's Distribution Executive Officer. In total, preventive inspections carried out by distributors have already inspected over a thousand health centers in their concession areas.

Coelba inspected over 500 health centers

So far, the company's technicians have performed technical inspections in over 500 health care centers, including 123 priority hospitals and 431 emergency care centers. Around 280 kilometers of the network has been inspected, as well as 184 feeders and 69 substations. In addition, the distributor carried out exclusive works to enable the operation of field hospitals in Salvador, such as the supply network of Field Hospital of Paralela Avenue - one kilometer of energy network and installation of 26 poles and 15 transformers and the network for the Field Hospital in Itapuã - with 70 meters of network and installation of four poles and three transformers.

Celpe mapped 400 health centers in Pernambuco

The distributor, which serves 184 cities in Pernambuco, has donated 10 ventilators, in addition to 155 refrigerators for vaccine storage in 136 municipalities. The company created digital alternatives for receiving and payment of bills. The preventive maintenance work also involves the real time mapping and monitoring of the power supply for 400 hospitals and health centers, including technical preventive inspections and stand-by teams available for exclusive service.

Cosern set inspection plan with maintenance in 72 substations

Throughout Rio Grande do Norte, Cosern mapped 33 medical-hospital centers and vaccine storage sites, carrying out inspections on a monthly basis in all its power supply circuits.  Aiming to ensure the full operation of these centers, 29 feeders (medium voltage circuits) were inspected, in addition to a reinforcement of the inspection and maintenance plans in 72 existing substations. Through the Energy Efficiency Program, regulated by Aneel, Cosern replaced, from March 2020 to date, more than 1,300 inefficient lamps with LED in 7 health centers, among them Hospital Dr. Luis Antônio (Liga contra o Câncer).

Elektro mobilizes 450 professionals to inspect over 2 thousand km of medium voltage network

At Elektro, which serves part of the states of Mato Grosso do Sul and São Paulo, the concessionaire has mapped 151 medical-hospital centers in the distributor's area of operation. To ensure the full operation of these units, 118 feeders will be inspected, totaling more than 2 thousand kilometers of medium voltage network. The actions have already started and prioritize the service to critical points according to the inspection carried out by Elektro's technicians. For the performance of the activities, the company mobilized a workforce of 450 professionals, including electricians, technicians, and engineers.

Neoenergia CEB-D mobilized professionals who will inspect 500 kilometers of medium voltage network and 23 substations

In the Federal District, CEB-D has mapped 45 medical centers whose power supply circuits will all be inspected. To ensure the full operation of these units, 30 feeders will be inspected, totaling around 500 kilometers of medium voltage network. Of the 41 substations in the concession area, 23 will be inspected on a priority basis, since they serve hospitals, clinics and health centers. For the performance of the activities as soon as possible, the company is mobilizing a workforce of approximately 60 professionals, including electricians, technicians, and engineers. The works cover both the Pilot Plan and Administrative Regions.​

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