Neoenergia discloses its Greenhouse Gas Inventory 2020 and receives gold seal from the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program


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Document is independently audited, ensuring transparency and credibility to the data disclosed, and reinforces the strategy aimed at decarbonizing the economy.  

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Document supports the company to identify strategies needed to achieve the goal of neutralizing carbon emissions by 2050


In strengthening the fight against climate change, Neoenergia discloses its own inventory of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)verified by independent auditors. The publication guaranteed the company the Gold Seal of the Brazilian GHG Program, which will be delivered by the Getúlio Vargas Foundation, and used as reference the activities of the Group's companies throughout 2020. The document presents data on greenhouse gas emissions generated by the company in a transparent manner and enables the Group to identify the strategies needed to achieve the goal of neutralizing carbon emissions by 2050, as well as actions aimed at sustainable development.  

"Care for natural resources and the fight against climate change is present in all Neoenergia businesses. Acting responsibly with respect to the planet, and enabling the promotion of fully sustainable economic and social development, is part of our corporatestrategy," reinforces Francisco Carvalho, Superintendent of Innovation and Sustainability at Neoenergia.  

Between 2018 and 2020, Neoenergia's emission intensity decreased from 72.99 Kg CO2/MWh to 53.37 Kg CO2/MWh, with a reduction of 26.9% in the period. The 2030 target is to reduce co2 emissions by 50% compared to 2007.  

"In addition to the goal related to reducing the intensity of emissions, Neoenergia has a structured set of Corporate Sustainability guidelines, composed, among others, of sustainable management, environment, biodiversity and climate action policies. Thus, the alignment for a renewable and affordable electricity model, with the development of increasingly efficient and sustainable technologies, is established in a clear, objective and consistent way", completes the executive.  

The survey is based on the guidelines of the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program and involves the generation of energy throughout the company's production chain: Renewable (wind and hydraulic), Liberalized (thermal)and Networks (transmission and distribution). The inventory is available for consultation on the Neoenergia website.

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