Neoenergia completes 100 days Brasília unprecedented operational commercial results


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Neoenergia Distribuição Brasília completes exactly 100 days of operation in the Federal District with concrete results and significant advances in the provision of service to more than 1.1 million customers.

The investment in modernization of the electric system is already reflected in the quality of supply. In May, the distributor achieved yet another all-time record. The index that measures the average interruption duration per customer (DEC) reached the mark of 0.30 hours, the best yet recorded in historical series for the month. In addition of operating improvements, the company implemented innovations in the relationship with customers, simplifying and expanding the special payment conditions.

In five regions of the Federal District, the company has put into operation network automation systems called self-healing, which isolates a possible failure in the network and promotes the automatic restoration of the power supply in most of the affected area.  The innovation is already providing benefits to over 36.5 thousand inhabitants (10.7 thousand consumer units) in Recanto das Emas, Sobradinho, Taguatinga, Brazilândia, and Lago Sul. Further 20 systems will be installed in different locations by the year-end. Neoenergia also started the implementation of new line reclosers and the modern Automatic Line Transfer (ALT) system. Similar to self-healing, ALT technology, still pioneer in the Federal District, works in the high-voltage network preventing impacts from larger incidents.

In the first 100 days, approximately 1,000 kilometers of transmission lines were inspected, with over 5,000 structures checked. In this same period, the inspection teams carried out preventive maintenance and improvement actions in the 41 substations within the concession area.

"In practice, our customers are noticing fewer interruptions in supply, and when they do occur, usually return more quickly. In the very short term, we are already seeing the results of investments in maintenance, expansion, and modernization of the network. This is just the beginning," comments the CEO of Neoenergia Distribuição Brasília, Frederico Candian. The company keeps its commitment to annually invest more than R$200 million in the federal capital's electrical system.

Customer focus

The commercial and customer relationship actions also stood out in these 100 days of management. During this period, the company adopted differentiated negotiation conditions and payment possibilities. The numbers are impressive: Almost 50 thousand invoices were negotiated, 40% higher than the average before the change in shareholder control, with over 8.2 thousand installment payment plans.

“In this time of crisis, we remain attentive to customer needs. We made debt settlement more flexible and extended terms so that customers would be able to adjust their payment capacity to their household budget", says Candian. In this sense, the “Saldão 30%" campaign was implemented, zeroing the incidence of fines and interest on overdue invoices. In addition, the partnership with RecargaPay offers R$20 cashback for the first bill paid using the platform.

In a proactive action, the company registered over 15 thousand families in the Electric Energy Social Tariff (TSEE), increasing by 140% the number of customers enrolled in the benefit that grants up to 65% discount in the energy bill. The total number of families benefiting from the Social Tariff in the Federal District jumped from 11,200 to 26,900.

Neoenergia Distribuição Brasília legalized more than 8 thousand clandestine connections, providing safety and citizenship to a part of the population that, besides gaining safer conditions, can now count on proof of residence, among other benefits.

In the social area, the company has prioritized efforts aimed at combating Covid-19. In this sense, the distributor carried out the mapping and preventive maintenance of 324 kilometers of the energy networks that integrate the 45 medical centers in DF and created an exclusive service channel for hospitals and health units. In addition, it formalized the donation of 15 scientific refrigerators destined for the Federal District Government to store Covid-19 vaccines. “This action reflects the company's commitment in the fight against Covid-19 and actively contributes to public policies, providing all possible support to the Federal District's vaccination plan," says Neoenergia's Institutional Relations Officer, João Paulo Rodrigues.

The company also operated and met, in record time, the requests for energy supply to the Field Hospitals of Ceilândia and Samambaia. Last month, the distributor started the purchase process of 15 scientific refrigerators that will be destined to the Federal District Government to store vaccines against the new coronavirus.

Environment and Social

As a sustainable company, Neoenergia Distribuição Brasília included 11 electric vehicles in its fleet.. The vehicles are already working in administrative and operational services at the distributor. With the first electric cars, the company's fleet reduces the use of approximately 16,000 liters of fossil fuel per year and eliminates the emission of more than 27 tons of CO2 per year. Acting in line with Neoenergia group's goals, the distributor also undertook the commitment to incorporate 5 new electric vehicles per year to its fleet, enhancing this commitment in the long term.

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