Neoenergia bets in renewables as a pillar for sustainable development


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Renewable energies are those derived from clean sources, such as wind and water. This means that their impact to the environment is low and they contribute to the preservation of natural resources. For Neoenergia, the investment in renewable energy generation is one of its pillars for its action, since the company believes in sustainable development as the main way to manage its business with responsibility and efficiency. Wind and hydro power generation correspond to 86.8% of the Company’s Installed capacity. By 2022, this number shall reach 90%, a profile cleaner than the Brazilian, upon the completion of two wind complexes in Northeast region: Chafariz, in Paraíba, and Oitis, between Bahia and Piauí. These initiatives contribute to the global goal of the Spanish company Iberdrola – group to which Neoenergia is a part - of neutralizing carbon emissions by 2050.

The Company’s initiatives are solidly based on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations (U.N.), with direct actions in two of them: affordable and clean energy and action to combat climate change. Renewable energies contribute to this scenario by being a clean source, that is, they produce no emissions in its operation. “Neoenergia is highly aware of its responsibility of contributing to the preservation and protection of the environment. We believe that the path for the economy recove​ry encompasses the promotion of low-carbon businesses, able to promote the preservation of biodiversity”, says Laura Porto, Neoenergia’s Renewable Energies officer.


The figures show the positive impact of such investments to the country. Currently, Neoenergia has 17 wind parks in operation in the states of Bahia, Rio Grande do Norte and Paraíba, with Installed capacity around 516 MW - enough to supply over 1.1 million Brazilian households, avoiding emissions of more than 830 thousand tons of CO2 to the atmosphere. The company contributes with wind energy generation in the country, having reached on June 21 the record in the year in instant generation. According to the National System Operator (ONS), a peak of 10,121 MW was reached, corresponding to a capacity factor of 68.1%.

This showcases Neoenergia’s priority in wind energy generation, as the company’s Installed capacity will triple in 2 years, amounting to 1.6 GW. This will be possible with the completion of Chafariz complex, with 12 parks, adding 471.2 MW and Oitis complex, with 15 parks, adding 566.5 MW to this total. Upon Oitis completion, scheduled for mid-22, the complex will be Iberdrola’s largest land wind project in Latin America, and the second in the world.​


Renewables’ benefits can also apply to communities in which the parks are installed, providing quality of life to people and strengthening the region’s economy. One example is the works of Chafariz complex, where more than 800 jobs were created, mainly involving the population living in the cities of Santa Luzia and São José do Sabugi, in Paraíba’s hinterland. According to the Brazilian Association of Wind Energy (ABEEólica), each MW of Installed capacity in wind energy creates around 15 new jobs, in average.

“We invested in renewable energies as a way to materialize everything we believe: the electric sector as one of the main development vectors for people and communities. Thus, we create opportunities and provide autonomy, while establishing the ways for a sustainable management of natural resources”, completes him.

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