Mário Ruiz-Tagle: a company's success model includes a well-structured succession plan

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​​Integrated Report 2021 - The document is available and presents the main financial and non-financial achievements of the year, with strategic actions and development of the company's business. By Mario Ruiz-Tagle*

To plan, structure and implement a project, whatever it may be, it is necessary to impose a limited period on its existence, with certain completion. When we talk about an efficient management model, know expectations and know when it is time for change, I believe that they are great attributes of a well-structured succession plan. The end of a job is not always defined from the beginning. Often, opportunities are created, conquered and time is limited in the completion of a duty fulfilled.

In my career of approximately five years as CEO of Neoenergia, I affirm that this experience is transformative for any manager. Leading a global company with staff over 15,000 is not an easy task. The changes go beyond professional growth and my vision as a human being is divided into before and after this period.

There is no story that cannot be told by a manager, since during that post, the events are endless. Every company is made from people and forming good leaders is fundamental for growth, development and success. I can exemplify by Neoenergia, where the construction of the company was made by the new positioning and recognition that we guarantee throughout this intense work performed. In 2017, we started our ipo strategy with the IPO (Initial Public Offering). We failed, but we didn't give up and we learned a lot of lessons from that attempt. The year 2018 was when we fixed the house and started building a history of growth and value creation. We secure the achievement in 2019, when we finally achieved the demands and reputation expected for a publicly traded company.

Shortly thereafter came the pandemic, caused by the then new coronavirus, which stopped the world. At that moment, we saw how even more essential electricity became, when everyone stayed in their homes and, even so, many of our activities remained ongoing. It was also the biggest economic and sanitary crisis without precedent, in which we will never forget. Many companies could only overcome reinventing themselves in some way. In a short period, we migrated 15,000 employees to the home office and invested heavily in security actions, engagement, bringing care to people to the heart of our management. It was challenging, but it brought deep learning to everyone and reinforced the importance of human vision in the corporate world. Companies that have not seen people beyond results have realized that there is no machine that works without a good operator.

In situations of so much uncertainty it was essential to prepare a succession plan, we need to build a structured governance of people trained and aligned with the company's objectives. The path is unique, regardless of who directs it and is clear about where we want to go and the challenges we will encounter is critical to preparing future leaders. The changes are healthy, and if they don't happen, we lose the charm. We always need to change, but within the proposed objectives. The successor brings the main pillar of the structure, but with new branches and, in this way, the company remains solid and constantly rising.

The ideal time to complete this mission, I believe it is to look back and have the feeling of duty fulfilled. Feel pride and satisfaction of written history with the help of many collaborators, who made everything possible. In my new challenge, I carry in my luggage the learnings acquired in Brazil, which will be fundamental to the European reality. A CEO is nothing more than the sum of his experiences and of each employee who, together, traces the success of this journey.

Being a leader, in my view, is in these details that inspire and direct professionals to a common goal. In my life, I carry many inspirations and hope to still inspire many people. I follow my new challenge, as a beginner gas and very proud of what I built alongside everyone at Neoenergia, because I believe that this invitation is the result of the results achieved. Reinforcement yet: do not be afraid of a good successor, he will be indispensable for this trajectory and the news to come. A good successor guarantees the possibility of going and brings new opportunities. A company with a good succession guarantees its continuity.

* Article written byMario Ruiz-Tagle, CEO of Neoenergia


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