Leadership development at Neoenergia values protagonism and continuous learning


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The company has an exclusive program for the improvement of managers and future leaders. In the initiative's second year, about one thousand people should be impacted and participate in the trainings

Neoenergia launches the 2021 season of its "Lead" program (programa Lidera, in Portuguese), aimed at developing leadership at various levels, including future leaders, supervisors, managers, and superintendents. For this year, the expectation is to serve 900 leaders, in addition to 100 future leaders who undergo a specific journey for the development of important competencies for leadership positions. Among the new features for 2021 is an exclusive platform for the exchange of experiences among participants, with an interactive hub of leadership content, constantly fostering the autonomy and protagonism of leaders throughout the journey.

This is the second year of the Lidera program for all levels, and the third year for first leadership professionals, comprising supervisors and managers. Among them, sprints are held - training for development focused on a project - in order to prepare them in topics related to people leadership, communication and diversity, health and safety, and a new internal module focused on execution, so that the leaders can expand their business vision and understand even better how Neoenergia's processes work. The execution module will also be a new feature for the track of future leaders, in which analysts and experts will participate.

The program was structured to be conducted in an online format, with important topics for the development of current and future competencies related to leadership, organizational and cultural transformation, customer experience, and innovation and sustainability. "We want to form inspiring leaders, who are aligned with the company's strategy and culture, who have a strong sense of purpose and are directed at creating an environment of continuous learning, working as a lever for the development of people and sustainability of the business", says Régia Barbosa, Neoenergia's Organizational Development and Internal Communication superintendent.

The protagonism and autonomy are factors stimulated in this new season of the Lidera program. Participants have total freedom to identify the topics that interest them most and enroll in those that best fit their individual reality according to their needs, background, and professional baggage. "We understand that knowledge construction must be continuous and collaborative to enhance learning, relationship building, and development. For this reason, we offer as a novelty a hub, which will be the facilitator of this process. On this platform, all participants will be able to access the materials discussed in the sprints, share content, integrate discussion forums, build action plans, and move relevant information around", says the corporate manager of Organizational Development at Neoenergia, Mirella Ficoni.

In addition to the training sprints, the Lidera program provides podcasts, videos, articles, and cases with subjects that are defined according to the current and future needs of the business. Throughout this season, there will also be organizational simulations, moments to encourage feedback, and action plans accompanied by mentoring in order to put into practice everything that was taught during the meetings. "Changing times require leaders with new competencies, who have confidence and understand the importance of continuously developing their skills", adds Régia.

The corporate manager of Neoenergia's Distribution Substations Department, Emanuel Barbosa, is one of the leaders who has been impacted by the program. He says that the initiative brings a series of reflections aimed at improving the strategic vision of the business. "Development makes the innovation process easier. The more we have insights into other processes and areas, coming into contact with new knowledge, the better our connections are for innovating in the workplace", he says.

For this year's program, the manager expects to learn new skills that will further strengthen his performance. "The scope of the program is very dynamic and has the bias of interconnecting a series of existing values within the company, with current trainings and a vision for the future. From this, we have the role of transmitting these values to our teams, so that we can make a strategic and exponential transformation, in a wide and optimized way", Emanuel concludes.​

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