Executive Director of Neoenergia is elected to the Board of Directors of ABEEólica


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The executive director of Renewables of Neoenergia, Laura Porto, was elected to the new management of the Board of Directors of the Brazilian Association of Wind Energy (ABEEólica) that will act in the biennium 2023-2025. She will continue to lead the representation of developers and investors, a position she has held since 2010.

"I reaffirm my commitment and that of Neoenergia to continue together positioning wind energy as one of the protagonists of a just, inclusive, sustainable and socially responsible energy transition," says Laura Porto

The Annual General Meeting of ABEEólica also elected the other members of the board, composed of 19 members, who represent their respective companies with a presence in the segment including developers and investors; wind turbine manufacturers; and suppliers of the production chain. In addition to strengthening the agenda of onshore wind, the institution aims to make the offshore market and new technologies for the supply of energy solutions a reality.

With a strategy aimed at expanding the generation of energy from clean sources, Neoenergia ended the first quarter with 42 wind farms in operation, with an installed capacity of 1,389 MW. The company also registered in the period 401.5 MW in operation (commercial and under test) of Neoenergia Oitis, a wind complex between Piauí and Bahia, which entered into commercial operation last year, and will have construction completed in the coming months. In all, there will be 103 turbines and a total installed capacity of 566.5 MW. With this, the portfolio of wind assets will total 1.6 GW.

Recently, the company inaugurated the Neoenergia Renewable Complex. Located in the backlands of Paraíba, the project integrates in an unprecedented way the generation of wind and solar energy from Neoenergia Chafariz and Neoenergia Luzia, respectively. The parks are connected to the National Interconnected System (SIN) by the Neoenergia Santa Luzia II substation and the respective transmission line. The total investment amounts to about R$ 3.5 billion.  

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