Neoenergia guides consumers to energy savings in summer


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With heat, appliances such as fan and air conditioning are most used, which requires attention to avoid wasting electricity


In summer, temperatures increase and the use of appliances to minimize heat, such as fan and air conditioning. To prevent this from also representing an increase in the electricity bill, adopting conscious consumption is paramount to contain energy waste during the hottest season of the year. Neoenergia advises customers to avoid overuse of air conditioning, check that maintenance is up to time, clean filters and air vents every two weeks and keep the thermostat at the comfort temperature, i.e. between 23 and 24 degrees Celsius.  

The recommendations for those who will still buy an air conditioner are to opt for split models, which are more efficient than window models. In addition, those with inverter technology are up to 60% more economical because they cool the environment faster and adopt a system that does not completely shut down the air compressor during use, avoiding power surges. It is essential to identify the most appropriate capacity of the appliance for the characteristics of the environment. The installation should preferably be done in parallel to the larger side of the room and at the top.  

After space cooling, the consumer can resort to fans, which are more economical, to circulate the air and keep the climate pleasant. For large rooms, the ideal is the ceiling, always in the center of the environment. In the smaller ones, the outlet is the most indicated and, among those of this model, the table are the most economical.  

"With information and simple change of habits, anyone can maintain comfort but reduce energy consumption. With this, it can minimize the impact on the account and also help in the preservation of theenvironment", says Ana Christina Mascarenhas, Manager of Energy Efficiency at Neoenergia.  

The air conditioning and fan are just two among the various appliances used at home that can get more attention in summer. The electric shower, for example, should be kept off or in the summer option,which consumes up to 30% less energy. In addition, you should take quick baths, which save energy and water. For safety, the orientation is always to use original resistances, because inadequate ones can increase energy consumption and cause serious damage to the installation and shower, causing the risk of accidents.  

In the case of refrigerators, to avoid increased consumption, the sealing rubber should be checked and hot foods should be avoided. Another orientation is to keep the appliance at least 10 centimeters away from the wall, preventing heat from increasing excessively on the back. You should open the refrigerator as few times as possible.  

In summer,Neoenergia reinforces the importance of keeping windows and curtains open to use natural lighting. When needing to use lamps, choose led ones, which are about 40% more economical. Using light colors on the walls and erasing the lamps of the unoccupied rooms, with the exception of those that contribute to safety, are other tips.  

When buying an appliance, it is important to check if it has the Procel seal or the Inmetro label with classification A, indicators of products with lower energy consumption. In addition, this can stimulate the manufacture and commercialization of more efficient products, contributing to technological development and the preservation of the environment. ​​​

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