CEB-D is now Neoenergia Distribution Brasilia and incorporates 11 electric vehicles to the fleet


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Neoenergy Distribution Brasilia

Effective on this Wednesday, (21), CEB Distribuição brand will become Neoenergia Distribuição Brasília. The change consolidates the actions of one of the largest groups in domestic electric sector in the Federal District. The new visual identity gains Neonergia’s format, colors and seal, aiming at the creation of economic, social and environmental value. In this sense, the new logo recalls a context of sustainability and, in line with this concept, the company adds 11 electric vehicles to its fleet in the Federal District, contributing to the process of economy decarbonization. 

The brand change will be gradual. The new look will firstly arrive in the company’s virtual environments. Over 2021, in addition to the website and social media, the new logo will be also present in the energy bills, service stores, service vehicles and in the employee’s clothes. The gradual change is aimed at introducing the new brand, keeping the identification bonds with customers, who will gradually get familiar to the Company’s new visual identity.

Neoenergy Distribution Brasilia Directly aligned with the business strategy, the new brand is inspired in nature and its three graphic elements translate the commitment with sustainability. The respect to the environment is represented by the green leaf. The blue drop represents the wind and water, our main sources for renewable energy generation and the orange stands for the solar energy and natural gas.

The brand change represents Neoenergia’s commitment in offering an increasingly better service to its customers. The company is strengthened as a transformational agent of the environments where it operates, through development, innovation, and respect for human and natural resources. “The new identity is a symbol of this protagonism: a company committed to sustainability, operation efficiency and customer satisfaction," says the CEO of Neoenergia Distribuição Brasília, Frederico Candian.

Neoenergy Distribution Brasilia Under Neoenergia's shareholder control, the distributor has achieved expressive commercial and operational results. The index that measures the average interruption duration per customer (DEC) reached, in March, a 12% improvement as compared to the same period last year. This reflects the process of revamping, extension and automation of the electric system. The company is investing in leading technologies in DF, such as, for example, the Self-healing system. This smart equipment isolates a possible failure in the network and promotes the automatic restoration of the power supply in most of the affected area.

In customer relations, the company restructured the negotiation channels and provided more flexible payment options. The company reduced to 20% the down payment for installment payment plans, in up to 12 installments on credit cards, and entered into a partnership with the RecargaPay application, granting a discount of R$ 20 for the first bill paid through the app. In addition, the Saldão 30% campaign, even exempts fines, interest, and inflation adjustment for accounts overdue for more than 180 days. 

ELECTRIC FLEET - Neoenergia Distribuição Brasília brings the company's first 11 electric cars to the Federal District. The vehicles will be initially used to carry out administrative services. With a range of approximately 350 kilometers, the cars will be fueled by two recharging points installed at the company's headquarters. The company intends to expand its fleet of electric vehicles, increasingly reducing dependence on fuel-powered engines.

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