Application allows digital payment of invoices to customers of Neoenergia distributors

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Easier to pay the energy bill. The distributors of the Neoenergia Group - Coelba (BA), Celpe (PE), Cosern (RN) and Elektro​ (SP-MS) - are presenting other alternative for the easier payment of energy bill by the customers, with convenience and speed. The Ewally application is now available for download, and allows the Paymentof the bill in a digital environment, but without the need to link with any banking institution. The new feature, which shall encourage customers to migrate to a more secure and convenient payment method, is available through the App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android).

Operation is simple, the application operates as a "virtual wallet" where the customer can deposit a certain amount, which is registered as credit and can be used to pay the energy bill. The convenience is that the customer will not have to move, avoiding waiting lines to pay their bill, and not requiring to have a checking or savings account with any financial institution. Other facility is that the application can be used for payment even by those with financial restrictions.

To use this new option, the customer simply access the App Store or Play Store app stores, search for the name "Ewally", download the app and make a quick registration with their identification documents and proof of residence. Just that! Starting then, they only have to recharge their account by depositing with a branch or bank correspondent of Banco Bradesco, paying a ticket issued in the application itself and paid in any bank network and its correspondents, using the credit card or the nearest Ewally Agent-which can be located in the app itself. After recharging, the customer can now use the balance to pay the energy bill conveniently and safely.

The new payment mode allows customers who do not have bank accounts to be more agile, avoiding waiting lines at physical payment sites. "The purpose of the app is to provide a gain in convenience for our customers who still prefer to move to a physical location to pay their energy bill. With the modality, they will have more practicality, agility and security. The news is already available in the app stores to facilitate the daily lives of our customers, "says Gustavo Santos, Celpe's Collection manager.

In addition to Ewally, customers can also rely on the handy app, which also make it easier to pay the energy bills. Download may be made at App Store and Play Store.

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