Aluminum cans yield discount for Neoenergia customers when refueling the car


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Customers of three distributors of the group can participate in the actions, which are part of the Vale Luz Project, an initiative that also provides reduction in energy bills.

Customers of Neoenergia distributors in the Northeast – Neoenergia Coelba, Neoenergia Pernambuco and Neoenergia Cosern – are now able to receive fuel discounts for ethanol or gasoline at company-partnered gas stations, located in Salvador (BA), Recife (PE) and Parnamirim (RN). The perk is provided in exchange for aluminum cans, which are sent for recycling, demonstrating the company's commitment with the environment. The initiative is part of the Vale Luz Project, which integrates the Energy Efficiency Program (PEE) of distributors, regulated by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel).

Materials must be delivered to Vale Luz points in each city – to facilitate the receipt of discounts, Neoenergia set up a fixed collection point at each gas station. The aluminum cans are converted into Merrecas, a symbolic currency created for the project. The value varies monthly according to the aluminum price practiced in the recycling industry. In February, in order to obtain a R$ 1 discount in fuel, the customer had to gather around ten cans.

"The process is very simple. The customer takes the energy bill and the account holder's data and registers immediately to receive the Merrecas. When stopping for a refuel, simply deliver the coins received at Vale Luz to guarantee the discount", explains the Energy Efficiency manager at Neoenergia, Ana Mascarenhas.

The gas stations that are part of the action are: in Salvador, the Namorado Station (Avenida Antônio Carlos Magalhães, 60, Pituba); in Recife, the Arrecife Station (Avenida Presidente Dutra, 451, Imbiribeira); and, in Parnamirim, the Pinheiro Borges Station (Avenida Getúlio Vargas, 1010, Monte Castelo).

Merrecas can also be exchanged for LED lamps, which are the most efficient models and can lead to over 30% energy savings. In addition, it is possible to receive energy bill discounts using the project currency.

Savings on energy bills

Bill discounts are also granted by Vale Luz by delivering other recyclables. Materials such as cardboard, office paper, newspapers, PET bottles, plastic bags, cleaning products packaging, buckets, plastic tables, soft drinks cans and other food product packages, in addition to electronic waste, such as televisions, cellphones, keyboards, among others. Cooking oil may also be delivered, provided that it is filtered and inside a transparent PET bottle. Recyclable items must be delivered separately, clean and dry. They will be weighed and a receipt will be issued with the total amount gathered, which will be automatically credited to the next energy bill.

The project has three modes, serving residential customers, condominiums and companies. Residential customers can register through the Vale Luz Cliente app (available for iOS and Android) or at the existing collection points in the metropolitan region of each participating city. The project has fixed points and operates in low-income communities with adapted tents and trucks with periodical visits to collect waste.  Vale Luz exchange points can be consulted through the app or on the distributors' websites.

For condominiums and companies, the Vale Luz Truck is in charge of the collection. Locals interested in participating must visit the distributor's website and fill in the registration form provided, which must then be sent by email to eficiencia@neoenergia.com. After evaluation, the company shall answer with additional guidelines. The discount is applied to the condominium's energy bill and, for companies, the discounted amount benefits chosen non-profit institutions.​

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