Baixo Iguaçu

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Baixo Iguaçu Hydro Power Plant (HPP) is a project of the Consórcio Empreendedor Baixo Iguaçu, formed by the companies Geração Céu Azul (owned by Neoenergia Group) and Copel.  Currently, the enterprise is in the construction and implementation phase, with 99% completion.

Located in Rio Iguaçu, in Paraná State, the plant covers the cities of Capanema and Capitão Leônidas Marques. The size of its reservoir also encompasses the cities of Planalto, Realeza and Nova Prata do Iguaçu.

With installed capacity of 350MW and 136 transmission towers, Baixo Iguaçu HPP will be responsible for producing clean energy for 1 million people, as from 2019, when it will be fully operational. In addition, it will also generate over R$4,000,000 per year in taxes related to the use of hydro resources, assigned to the cities in which the enterprise is installed.


Neoenergia acquired the concession for construction and exploration of Baixo Iguaçu HPP at the 7th New Energy Auction A-5, held by the National Agency of Electric Energy (Aneel). 


The plant was acquired by Neoenergia at the bidding price of R$99.00/MWh. Therefore, Neoenergia is the holder of 90% of the enterprise. 


The Open Doors Program (Programa Portas Abertas) hosts groups of guests, mainly schools, entities, colleges and the public of the area, to know the plant under construction.


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