Baixo Iguaçu

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The Baixo Iguaçu Hydropower Plant (HPP) is a project of the Baixo Iguaçu Enterprise Consortium, which is formed by the companies Geração Céu Azul, from Neoenergia Group, and Copel. Currently, the enterprise is under construction and implementation stage, with 99% of the progression completed.

Located in Rio Iguaçu, in Paraná, the plant is between the Cities of Capanema and Capitão Leônidas Marques. The extension of its reservoir also encompasses the Cities of Planalto, Realeza and Nova Prata do Iguaçu.

With installed capacity of 350 MW and 136 transmission towers, Baixo Iguaçu HPP will be responsible for producing green energy to 1 million people, as of 2019, year of which it fully commences its operations. In addition, it will yield more than R$ 54,000,000 per year in taxes for the use of water resources targeted to the cities I which the enterprise is located.


Neoenergia won the concession for the construction and exploitation of Baixo Iguaçu HPP in the 7th New Energy Auction A-5 organized by the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (Aneel). 


Neoenergia won the plan at the bid pric​​​e of R$99.00 per MWh. Therefore, Neoenergia owns 90% of the enterprise. 


The Open Doors Program has been receiving delegations of guests, particularly schools, entities, colleges and regional public in order to know the plant under construction.

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