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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A history of solidity and investments in the country 

Controlled by the Spanish group Iberdrola, Neonergia​ has a history of over 20 years in Brazil. Activities began in 1997, with investments in electricity distribution in Bahia and Rio Grande do Norte. Since then, Neoenergia has expanded its activities under the premise of being a long-term investor in the country. Today, the company is one of the largest players in Brazil's energy sector, with integrated and diversified operations. It has energy distribution, generation, transmission and trading assets in 18 states. 



 Accordion | 1997

- Acquisition of COELBA (Companhia de Eletricidade do Estado da Bahia) and of COSERN (Companhia Energética do Rio Grande do Norte), both with a 30-year federal concession.​

 Accordion | 1999

- Granting of the concession for the use of public property to hydroelectric exploitation, named Itapebi in the Jequitinhonha River (installed capacity of 462 MW).

 Accordion | 2000

- Acquisition of CELPE (Companhia Energética do Estado de Pernambuco), in a privatization auction, for the minimum price set at R$ 1.8 billion.The business included the commitment to build a thermoelectric plant in the state, starting the construction of Termopernambuco TPP (installed capacity of 532 MW).

- Beginning of the construction of Termoaçu TPP, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, in a partnership with Petrobras (installed capacity of 368 MW).

- Incorporation of the trading company NC Energia.​

 Accordion | 2003

- Acquisition of 42% of Itapebi shares held by COELBA.​

 Accordion | 2004

- Restructuring and incorporation of the holding company adopting the corporate name Neoenergia.

- Commercial start-up of Termopernambuco TPP.​

 Accordion | 2005

- Concession auction for construction of Baguari HPP (installed capacity of 140 MW, 51% Neoenergia) and Goiandira (installed capacity - 27 MW) and Nova Aurora (installed capacity - 21 MW) SHPs.

- Incorporation of Afluente Geração e Transmissão de Energia Elétrica S.A. (installed capacity 18 MW) to comply with the guidelines for the unbundling of distribution activities, pursuant to  Law 10.488/2004 and to assume COELBA's generation and transmission assets.

 Accordion | 2008

- Commercial operation of Termoaçu TPP.

- Baixo Iguaçu HPP concession auction (installed capacity 350 MW, 70% Neoenergia).

 Accordion | 2009

- Start–up of Pirapetinga, Pedra do Garrafão SPPs, Baguari and Corumbá HPPs.Baguari


- Acquisition of authorization for the construction, operation and maintenance of Narandiba Substation.

 Accordion | 2010

- Acquisition of a 10% stake in Belo Monte HPP (installed capacity 11,233 MW), located on Xingu River (PA).

- Concession auction for the construction and exploration of Teles Pires HPP (installed capacity 1,819 MW, 51% Neoenergia).

- 2nd Auction of alternative sources: acquisition of nine wind farms (installed capacity 258 MW, 50% Neoenergia)

- Beginning of construction of 10 wind farms, nine acquired at the auction and Caetité 1 at ACL (total installed capacity 30 MW, 50% Neoenergia).

- Signing of the Concession Agreement of Afluente Transmissão de Energia Elétrica S.A. and the plants of Afluente Geração de Energia Elétrica S.A.

- Commercial start-up of Sítio Grande, Goiandira and Nova Aurora SHPs.

- Completion of the construction works of Dardanelos HPP.

- Signing of the Agreement for Purchase and Sale with Iberdrola for the acquisition of the cogeneration companies Energyworks and Capuava Energy (91 MW).

 Accordion | 2011

- Start-up of Narandiba substation.

- Commercial start-up of the Dardanelos HPP.

- Acquisition of the concession for construction, operation and maintenance of Extremoz II substation.

 Accordion | 2012

- Concession for construction, operation, maintenance and expansion of Brumado II substation.

- Signing of the concession agreement of Baixo Iguaçu, through SPE Geração Céu Azul S.A. with a 35-year term, after the release the installation license nº 17033, resulting from a lengthy process of environmental licensing.

 Accordion | 2013

- Beginning of the construction works of Baixo Iguaçu.

- Commercial start-up of Mel and Arizona 1 wind farms.

- Completion of works at Caetité 2 and 3, and Calango 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 parks with the status of "Able for Commercial Operation" recognized by ANEEL.

- ANEEL 001/2013 transmission auction, with the acquisition of lot G, for the construction, operation and maintenance of the 500kV Transmission Line with an approximate extension of 196km and their respective connecting bays at Campina Grande III substations in Paraíba and Ceará-Mirim II, in Rio Grande do Norte.

- Conclusion of the sale of the Termoaçu TPP to Petrobras, with the transfer of 23% of Neoenergia's shareholding.

 Accordion | 2014

- Amendment of the shareholders' agreement that governs the partnership between Iberdrola and Neoenergia at FEB. The original parent company, Força Eólica do Brasil, undergone a partial spin-off resulting in three companies. In addition to the original company, which remained under joint control, two other companies were created, each one controlled by one of the partners, whereby Neoenergia is under control of FEB 1, the parent company of Caetité 1 and 2 and Calangos 1,4 and 5 parks. In this context, FEB 1 has become a company controlled by Neoenergia, and consolidated by the global method.

- Contracting of six new wind farms, three in Rio Grande do Norte and three in Paraíba (installed capacity 178.5 MW, 50% Neoenergia).

- Commercial operation of the expansion of Brumado II Substation.

- Commercial operation of Caetité 1, Caetité 2 and Caetité wind farms.

 Accordion | 2015

- Conclusion of the purchase by Neoenergia of the shareholding held by Iberdrola in COELBA and COSERN of 8.5% and 7.01% respectively.

- Commercial start-up of Extremoz II substation.

- Completion of the construction of 4 UGs of Teles Pires, having the "able" condition recognized by ANEEL, with the start-up of the first two through the provision of the provisional transmission line at the end of the year.

 Accordion | 2016

- Commercial start-up of Potiguar Sul Transmission Line.

- Full commercial start-up of Teles Pires HPP.

- Comercial start-up of 5 wind farms (Calango 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).

- Start-up in testing mode of Calango 6 and Santana 1 and 2.

- Purchase by Geração CIII SA of the shares issued by Energética Corumbá III S.A. held by Strata Construções e Concessionárias Integradas S.A. and Energ Power S.A.

-  Beginning of the sale process to Contour of the entire shareholding held by Neoenergia in the following companies: (i) Afluente Geração de Energia Elétrica S.A.; (ii) Bahia PCH I S.A.; (iii) Goiás Sul S.A.; (iv) Rio PCH S.A.; and (v) EnergyWorks do Brasil Ltda., with Capuava Energy Ltda.

 Accordion | 2017

- Conclusion of the sale of SHP and Cogeneration assets to Contour Global do Brasil on March 17, 2017.

- Commercial start-up of 3 wind farms (Canoas, Lagoa 1 and Lagoa 2).

- Start-up of generating units 5 and 6 of the Belo Monte HPP Pimental site.

​- Start-up of generating units 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 of Belo Monte HPP Belo Monte site.

- Elektro Holding and its subsidiaries incorporation.

- Participation in Transmission Auction No. 05/2016-ANEEL, in which Neoenergia won 4 lots with 583 km of lines.

- Participation in the Generation Auction, No. 05/2017, named “A-6" of 2017, in which Neoenergia won 9 wind farms in Paraíba that totaled an increase of 294.5 MW of installed capacity.

- Still part of this same complex of farms in Paraíba, another 6 wind projects, which will be traded in the free environment, are also under implementation, with commercial operation also scheduled for January 2023 and estimated power of 176.7 MW.

- Participation in Transmission Auction No. 02/2017, in which Neoenergia won two lots totaling an increase of 1,074 km in transmission lines.​​​​​

 Accordion | 2018

​Start-up of generating units 9, 10, 11 and 12 of Belo Monte HPP Belo Monte site.

- Participation in Transmission Auction No. 004/2018-ANEEL, in which Neoenergia won 4 lots corresponding to 3,001 km of transmission lines.​

 Accordion | 2019

- Commercial start-up of the Baixo Iguaçu Hydroelectric Power Plant, with a capacity of 350 MW.​

On July 1, Neoenergia finalized the IPO process at B3 and became part of the Novo Mercado, the highest level of corporate governance of the Exchange.

 Accordion | 2020

- Sobral III substation powering, in Ceará

- Launching of Digital Connecti​on, the largest Brazilian research and development project focused on customers.


​- Powering of Fernão ​Dias substation, in Atibaia (SP).​

- Construction of the first 4G private network of Latin America.

- Delivery of Biguaçu Substation, in Santa Catarina

- Neoenergia elected as the company with the most sustainable growth  by Valor 1000 ranking, from Valor Econômico newspaper.

- Construction work begins on the largest wind farm complex, in terms of installed capacity, in the country Oitis Wi​nd Complex.

- "School of Electricians" project recognized with Prêmi​o Corresponsables Iberoamérica in Large Companies category.

- Neoenergia debuts in B3's Corporate Sustainability Index  portfolio

- Merger of CEB Distribuição (Companhia Energética de Brasília).

- "Green Corridor" inauguration, the largest electric mobility corridor in Brazil.

- Entry into large-size solar generation with the construction of Santa Luzia photovoltaic plant (PB)

- Winning of Lot 2 at ANEEL's Transmission Auction, representing 1091km of Transmission Lines, and the new Med​eiros Neto substation in Bahia.

 Accordion | 2021


- CEB Distribuição is renamed Neoenergia Distribuição Brasília​.

- Neoenergia becomes the first Exclusive Official Sponsor of the Brazilian Women's National Team​ and the Brazilian National League.​​

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