Neoenergia plant uses a thermal camera to reduce risks of coronavirus spread in the workplace

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Termopernambuco, a Neoenergia group‘s, thermo power plant is using a leading technology to strengthen its array of precautionary actions to combat coronavirus​.​ The company installed a camera that measures the body temperature of its employees in order to detect individuals that may present fever, one of COVID-19 symptoms. The process of temperature control is carried our on a daily basis, before the beginning of the working hours.​

The use of technology is just one of the measures adopted by Termopernambuco for reducing the risks of coronavirus spread. The plant also promotes further actions aimed to create a healthy and safe workplace for its employees and ensure that the plant operation is run as usual. Check some of them:​


Creation of an online discussion forum with other companies located in Porto de Suape to share good practices for combating coronavirus spread.​


Creation of discussion forums to raise awareness of employees on the importance of adopting healthy hygiene habits.


Implementation of remote work for part of its employees.


​Purchase of 100 kits for coronavirus tests and distribution of more than 3,000 masks. Using masks is now mandatory.​


Construction of four new washstands at the plant entrance. Hand sanitizing is mandatory at the beginning of the working hours​.​


Installation of floor signing in order to enable that the safety distance (1.5 m) is kept between employees. This procedure was adopted in the cafeterias, work stations and lines in the plant entrance.​


Distribution of hand sanitizer with bactericide and hospital disinfectant.


​Weekly procedure for sanitization of all internal environments. This is carried out by a cleaning specializing company.​

All this was only possible thanks to the effort made by Neoenergia to create a committee in charge of assessing, discussing and implementing the thermo plant’s operation guidelines in times of pandemic. According to Hugo Nunes, Neoenergia’s liberalized business officer, the decision of creating an exclusive group for the matter was essential to ensure the proper operational conditions of the plant. “Energy produced by Termopernambuco is an essential service for the population, especially in the scenario we are facing now. We knew that the success of the operation would depend on our ability to respond and, due to this, we did not hesitate in creating an exclusive forum to adopt the applicable measures, says the executive.​                                                                                         


David Benavent, Termopernambuco’s CEO believes that all actions implemented in the plant will be critical to transform the behavior of employees, companies and residents in Porto de Suape, South region of Pernambuco, where the plant is located. “We believe that the development of measures like these lead to benefits that go beyond the guarantee of safety in Termope’s workplace. They also act to spread a preventive culture among employees and their families and friends. In addition, they contribute to change the life style of people, who start to act as multipliers within the society as a whole”.


The continuity of Termope operation plays a strategic tore for the electric network of the whole country. Neoenergia’s thermo plant is extremely important to ensure the system stability and guarantee the safety in energy supply in Brazil. The plant is responsible for producing around 25% of all energy distributed in Pernambuco, and is quite relevant of the energy matrix of the Northeast region of Brazil.​​

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