Electrical energy

Rio Grande do Norte, João Câmara, Baixa do Novilha Settlements.

This is Francisca Rita de Lima, better known as Dona Francisca. According to her, without energy, life was difficult. “If I wanted to have lighting at night, I had to carry wood to light a fire in the backyard, in addition to spending a lot of money on gas to have minimal lighting inside the house. To preserve food only if it were salted and placed in the sun, everything had to be eaten on the same day so as not to spoil it. There was no blender, no television, no refrigerator. In addition to the fact that there was no plantation since there was no water”, he explains.

Time passed and electricity finally arrived for Mrs. Francisca. “Life was in the clear, today you can have cold water, keep food in the fridge and light inside the house”, she celebrates. Now, the housewife is also able to plant since there is a water well and an electric pump to pump for the plantation. For her, “life is good now”. That is the impact that energy has on the lives of people with Dona Francisca.