Quarantine with children Neoenergia reinforces electric energy safety guidelines




Staying in quarantine with children ate home has been an additional challenge to parents and family members. Therefore, they must not only provide entertainment for the kids, but also guarantee their safety. With so many time at home, domestic environment can bring some risks when using electric energy. With this in mind, Neoenergia organized a set of tips aimed at avoiding electric accidents, particularly for those involved in children’s universe.​​​

One of the key recommendations is the use of outlet plug covers. This prevents children from touching plugs or inserting metallic objects into it. Care is also required with cables and home appliances, which must never be handled by children.​

“When turning on and off electronics, such as videogames and computers, adults must be present to execute this action, always using the plug and never pulling directly from the cable. Simple actions such like this helps to avoid electric accidents and keep the whole family safe”, explains Harley Albuquerque, Neoenergia’s Health and Safey manager. It’s is also important to check cables for wear and tear before using any appliance. “If cabling shows any wear and tear in isolation, the appliance must not be connected to the plug, otherwise it may bring the risk of electric shock”, he concludes.​​

It is important to guide childre​n to take good care when using tablets and smartphones, especially when batteries are been charged. Such equipment shall not be using when charging batteries​



Water is a well-known energy conductor, as well as metals. Therefore, some actions must be taken in wet environments or when using home appliances. One of them is not using the fridge with naked feet and never touch any type of home appliance with wet body.​

“Attention must be even greater in houses with pools, as people use to exit pools with wet bodies and open freezers and fridges. Remember that water and energy do not match”, highlights Albuquerque. Neoenergia’s manager also informs that, the use of the main power supply grounding (known as ground wire) is mandatory in wet areas, as required by NBR 5410 (Low-Voltage Electric Installations).​

People must assure that there is no exposed or non-isolated wire at home, but this deserves special attention in electric installations in beach or country houses, where children use to have free access to all areas. Accordingly, a residual current circuit breaker must be installed and in good operation.​


In addition, kids must not have access to electric water pump installations and pool machinery. In places with powerhouses, only those responsible for the maintenance of electric installations in buildings and condominiums, i.e., qualified professionals, can access these areas. This also applies to places with electric energy generators​.


Other important Neoenergia‘s advise refers to care with kites, as serious risks of electric shocks may be caused by playing in undue areas, which may even cause death due to the electric discharge. This activity must be done in open areas, with no electric network in the surroundings, such as parks, beaches, soccer fields and areas away from urban centers. Don't fly kites on rainy or windy days. In case of lightning, retrieve the kite immediately.​​



“The danger of flying a kite in undue places occurs when the line screws to poles, transformers and electrical cables, which can cause short circuits and cause the power supply to be interrupted. Never attempt to remove a kite stuck in equipment or the electrical network”, advises the Neoenergia’s Health and Safety manager. Another danger are the lines prepared with crushed glass as they can damage cabling, in addition to put people at risk, mainly motorcyclists.

In case of accidents involving electric energy at home, disconnect the circuit breaker or the master switch and seek for help, calling the Fire Department (193) or SAMU (192). Incidents with energy distribution network must be immediately notified to Neoenergia, calling 116​.