Neoenergia receives first wind turbine blades that will make up Chafariz Wind Complex after travelling 430 km


With 64.5 meters long and 21 tons, blades were manufactured in Ipojuca (PE) and transported to Santa Luzia (PB)


Arrival of the first shovel to the Chafariz Wind Complex (PB). Enterprise will have

installed capacity of 471.2MW and will consist of 15 parks and 136 wind turbines


Neoenergia continues to advance in the construction of the Ch​afariz Wind Complexin the Sertão of Paraíba. The first blades that will be part of the wind turbines of the enterprise were delivered on Tuesday (9). These equipments were manufactured in Ipojuca (PE), contributing to the generation of employment and income in the Northeast. Due to its size, a special scheme was carried out for transport, which traveled 435 kilometers in 3 days.  

A shovel is 64.5 meters long and weighs 21 tons and in each turbine three are installed, made of resin fiber. In all, the new wind complex will have 15 parks with 136 wind turbines of one of the most modern models on the market, with an average unit capacity of 3.465MW, adding up to a power of 471.2 MW.  

"The arrival of the first blades and naceles allows us to proceed to the next stage of construction, the assembly of the first wind turbines, which should begin in the coming weeks. The constant progress in the implementation of the Chafariz Wind Complex demonstrates Neoenergia's commitment to its schedule of works and contribution to the development of the electricity sector, focusing on cleanenergy", says Laura Porto, Director of Renewables at Neoenergia.  

For assembly, the blades are erected, with the help of a 600-ton crane, to be fixed to the hub (center of the wind turbine). The height to the point at which they are installed is 84 meters. With the shovel, the total height of the wind turbine is equivalent to a building of 37 floors, the same as the tallest buildings in the major Brazilian capitals. In this assembly work 12 professionals trained specifically for the activity, working for a certain of four hours for the fixation of each shovel. To maintain the progress of the works, Neoenergia adopted a strict health and safety protocol that includes testing of employees for Covid-19, mandatory use of masks and distancing.  

Investment in clean energy

The Chafariz Wind Complex is part of the company's wind generation expansion strategy in Brazil. By 2022, when the new parks will go into operation, the company will triple its installed capacity from this source, reaching 1.6 GW. The Oitis Wind Complex is also under construction, with 12 parks between Piauí and Bahia and 566.5 MW of power, which will be the largest of Iberdrola in Latin America. Together, the works are expected to generate about 3,000 jobs in the Northeast.  

Fountain also has operational synergy with two more neoenergia ventures. One of them is the Solar Plant Luzia, the company's first large photovoltaic generation plant, which is in the licensing phase and should have the works started in the second half of 2021 and be inaugurated in 2022. The other is the Santa Luzia transmission line, acquired by the group in auction 002/2017 of the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL), whose implementation generated over 750 jobs in the region. ​​