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Neoenergia promotes a live broadcast with singer Péricles and pays tribute to employees












For the celebration of Neoenergia's 23rd anniversary, the company will promote a live broadcast with singer Péricles on August 1st, at 5 pm, in its YouTube channel (service below). The artist will pay tribute to all company's employees, particularly those working in essential activities in the field, ensuring the safe energy supply for the over 34 million Brazilians served by the company. During the event, which will be carried out in compliance with social distancing rules recommended by the health organizations, donations can be made to Fundação Osvaldo Cruz (Fiocruz), the institution that has been promoting a set of initiatives to combat Covid-19.

During the concert, Dona Neia, the company's spokesperson when it comes to safety with the electric network, will bring tips on civil construction without risks, in addition to guidelines on playing with kites. Always fun and a fan of the singer, her participation will gain relevance and will broaden the speech of a theme that is fundamental for everyone. “Our main goal is to appraise everyone who makes the company's day-to-day activities happen, mainly the front-line employees, who keep leaving their homes to bring energy to everyone. Recently, we promoted an action to celebrate June's parties and we realized how much the internal and external audiences were engaged. Then we decided, once more, to bring joy to all those who are waiting for the end this period with the pandemic", says Marcus de Barros Pinto, Neoenergia's External Communication Superintendent.

During the pandemic, Neoenergia was able to notice a growing access to the company's digital channels, with customers being successful in using digital platforms for requesting services as an alternative to the physical stores, closed to comply with the distancing guidelines issued by the health agents. The live broadcasts promoted by the company are helping to disseminate the digital service, in addition to incentivizing culture and promoting leisure times in the midst of the challenges faced in this period. The events also offer an environment for providing safe​ty tips when using electric energy.


With over 300 million views in YouTube and a 34–year career, Péricles will take his songs to many places around Brazil and pay tribute to the professionals from the electric sector. The live broadcast will have the motto #SomDaEnergia and seeks initiatives through culture that arouse the feeling of empathy with professionals in the field and with the institutions that need support for their work in combating coronavirus. “I'm very happy to participate in the celebration of the 23rd anniversary of Neoenergia. I wish that, through our songs, we can bring a great joy, fun and art to all the employees that are a part of the company and are being honored, mainly those who stay in the front-line", highlights Péricles.





Live Broadcast #SomDaEnergia - Neoenergia

Saturday, August 1st, 5 pm

Canal do Pericão – Youtube





This initiative is part of Iberdrola group's response to Coronav​írus​.