Neoenergia launches electricians school for women in Pernambuco


In an unprecedented initiative in the state,  Companhia Energética de Pernambuco (Celpe)​  company of Neoenergia​ - in partnership with the State Government, through the State Secretariat of Women, launched, this Tuesday morning (17), the first Electricians School exclusively for women. A total of 100 women will be trained to perform activities in building electrical installations and energy distribution grids. Upon completion of the course, professionals will be able to participate in the selection process to join Celpe's workforce.


The Electricians School for Women is intended to encourage female insertion to work in a predominantly male-held profession. “Encouraging the presence of women in an activity still seen as male not only broadens the opportunity in the job market, but also supports the constant pursuit of gender equality," said Celpe president Saulo Cabral. “By expanding female participation, we break up social standards. Practical experience tells us that to encourage interest in the role of electricians, women first need to feel represented", he concluded.​

Pernambuco Women's Secretary, Silvia Cordeiro, explained that women´s training in professions, historically held by men, is essential for them to act in all areas they want to work in, as well as to eliminate the wage gaps that still exist between the income of men and women. “May this Celpe´s action open the door for more companies with the same profile to encourage hiring women", she adds. The training also opens doors for students with an entrepreneurial profile, creating opportunities in the job market.​


The selection process has written test (Portuguese, math and writing), psychological assessment, practical test, and interview for profile assessment.  The students will be divided into four classes, with 25 participants each. The course has theoretical and practical subjects, lasting up to seven months and with a workload of 596 hours. The classes will be held by the Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Industrial (Senai-PE) in the Areias - Recife, Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Caruaru and Garanhuns units.  The course begins in the first half of 2020. Registration is free, with limited spots and can be made between December 18 and 22, exclusively through the

In addition to developing and strengthening qualified technical training focused on safety, the action is part of the distributor's commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which place Gender Equality as one of the major global goals to be met by 2030.

The training has the support of the Government of Pernambuco. The Electricians School for Women is the first partnership signed with a private institution by the PE with Women Program, coordinated by the Vice Governorate and developed by the State Secretariat of Women.​


Celpe's Electricians School already works for a mixed public in seven Pernambuco municipalities (Recife, Jaboatão, Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Caruaru, Garanhuns, Serra Talhada and Petrolina). Started in 2018, the School trained more than 300 electricians and of this total, Celpe hired 215. A utilization of approximately 70%. For 2020, more than 20 new training classes are planned. The goal is to bring these new professionals to the more than 600 vacancies that shall be opened for hiring.​