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Neoenergia invests in new campaign with digital strategies to inform the population about safety













Neoenergia, one of the leading companies in the Brazilian electricity sector, has been investing in strategies and solutions to reinforce the care with safety and the importance with the electric grid. The company has just started its new communication campaign on safety and prevention of electrical accidents after carrying out a study and survey on how to address the topic for its 14 million customers.

The pandemic has changed the plans of this strategy, which will also follow the recommendation of the social distancing authorities. To execute it, Neoenergia counted on partners to make the plan totally digital at this stage: the advertising agency Morya, the consultancy Youpper Insights, the influencers agency Água, besides the live marketing agency Atenas e Approach, responsible for the management of Neoenergia's social networks. The planning was created from a robust investment of the company to know, communicate and educate the population due to electrical accidents.

The live with Elba Ramalho at the artist's Youtube channel will start the project. The singer opens the June festivities, on Saturday, June 13, at 5pm, on St. Anthony's Day (Santo Antônio in Portuguese). The goal is to celebrate the traditional Brazilian festivity and stimulate a safe and conscious St. John (São João in Portuguese) During the show, the singer will bring tips and information to avoid electrical accidents inside the house. During the virtual show, Elba will present the character who will be the common thread of all the actions of the campaign focused on the safety of the population with electric grid, Dona Néia.








"We thought about how we could impact the largest number of people by bringing safety information to reduce the risk of electrical accidents. And with the proximity of the June festivities, we had the idea of doing the live with Elba Ramalho, an artist of great relevance in our country and in the communities where we operate", says Marcus de Barros Pinto, Neoenergia's Communication Superintendent.

Idealized by the Atenas agency, the broadcasting will start at 4pm, Brasilia time, with a "June warm-up" with the participation of Chef Batista, partner of French Chef Claude Troisgros, who will teach typical recipes and with the duo of dancers Ju Paiva, ex-FitDance, and Dam Fernandes who will give lessons in forró (a typical dance of the Brazilian Northeast) and rhythms linked to June festivities. At 5pm, the singer will start the show directly from her home in Rio de Janeiro, with live transmission to the whole country.

"Promoting Elba's live in remote mode involves a special operation, such as working with reduced teams, managing the distance technique and having extra care in the artist's home. We accepted the challenge, introduced the main character of the campaign, Dona Néia, and we believe a lot in the message of the manifesto video that we also produced for the action: the tradition will be maintained and the Brazilian will be able to enjoy São João safely, indoors. We are proud to be part of this project", emphasizes Quércia Andrade, partner of Atenas Comunicação.


Dona Néia was created by Morya agency and will be the common thread of all the campaign actions focusing on the safety of the population with electric grid. The character is a lady who lives in a simple neighborhood, and feels responsible for everyone. Always fun and bossy, everyone respects and trusts that lady who captivates by her good humor. She is the true guardian and always gives her advice with her stick: DO NOT VACILLATE!

The proposal is to effectively communicate the importance of having electrical safety as a premise in everyday life. "Besides this national Live, we wanted to get as close as possible to the audience in the communities where we operate. In this way, after in-depth qualitative survey, we became partners with 27 influencers, who are relevant at the places for our energy distributors: Coelba/BA, Celpe/PE, Cosern/RN and Elektro/SP and MS", says Marcus.

Neoenergia also relied on the Youpper agency to map these influencers and called them micro creators, offering them autonomy to create their own contents and inform in their social networks about the necessary care to maintain safety inside and outside the home.

"We have split the influencers into groups for meetings with Neoenergia experts, offering a virtual and intense immersion on safety. Our goal was to provide them with all the information they needed to produce exclusive and creative content on ways to prevent electrical accidents," says Diego Oliveira, managing partner of Youpper Insights.

The Água agency was responsible for coordinating the contents produced by the influencers, as well as the alignment of safety issues, and, in partnership with Approach, will measure the reaching results of the whole campaign.


"We will monitor Elba's live interactions and influencers' posts over the coming months. This work will be important for us to have the dimension of the impact of the whole campaign and to project future actions", emphasizes Beth Garcia, Approach's general director.

For Marcus de Barros Pinto, Neoenergia is optimistic with the strategy: "we believe that we will be able to dialogue with many people about care and actions to prevent electric shocks because we are promoting an assertive communication on such a relevant topic", he concludes.

Working in an integrated way with several agencies has strengthened the strategy. Janaina Santana, Morya Comunicação's Service Supervisor, explains that, with the objective outlined, the communication between all the agencies flowed very quickly. "The integration was natural among the projects, we all have the same objective that is to alert about the risks of electrical accidents and communicate the importance of safety and prevention actions", she reinforces.



NÃO VACILE NÃO! ACIMA DE TUDO, A SUA VIDA - Nós, do grupo Neoenergia, sabemos da importância da energia elétrica, um bem tão essencial na vida de milhões de pessoas e que leva desenvolvimento para diversos cantos do mundo. Mas tão importante quanto os benefícios gerados pela eletricidade é saber como usá-la de forma segura. Zelar pela segurança de todos aqueles que fazem parte do nosso negócio é algo que não abrimos mão. Para nós, acima de qualquer coisa, está a vida. E, por isso, reunimos aqui algumas dicas para você aprender a usar energia com segurança e sem riscos. Isso evita acidentes e salva vidas. A sua, a da sua família e a de muitas outras pessoas. Confira! Neoenergia has also created, on its website, an exclusive space to inform customers about accident prevention measures involving electrical energy. On the safety content hub, the guidelines to raise awareness are divided by areas in which there are more records of occurrences: constructions and renovations, use of kites, festivities such as São João and Christmas, among others. Infographics are available with tips in PDF format, which can be printed and posted, for example, on bulletin boards at construction sites. To access, click here.